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10 Best WooCommerce Plugins To Drive Sales

Best WooCommerce Plugins To Drive Sales

WooCommerce is the leading eCommerce platform with a steadily growing market share, thanks to its flexible nature. One of the major factors influencing this flexibility is its ability to scale.

That is, you can add almost anything to the current architecture of WooCommerce without disturbing its functionality with the help of external tools called plugins. The WooCommerce plugins scale the capabilities of the eCommerce platform by adding functionalities on top of the generic features. 

There are plugins compatible with WooCommerce (in WordPress) for almost any purpose. Be that may be for improving the aesthetics of your store or analyzing the sales performance. That being said, let’s look at some of the best WooCommerce plugins that you can use to improve sales in your store. Here is a simple step to know how to install a WordPress plugin.

List Of Best WooCommerce Plugins

1. Gift Cards For WooCommerce

Web Toffee Woocommerce Gift Card Plugin

Gift cards are credits that a user can purchase from the store. These credits can be used to purchase commodities in real-time or in the future. WooCommerce gift cards have made a revolution in the gift-giving industry. The convenience of purchasing the real-gift alternative via the internet has also contributed to its popularity. 

You can add WooCommerce gift card capabilities to your store with the WooCommerce gift cards plugin from WebToffee. You can create gift card products that can either be printed or directly sent to the recipients via mail. The plugin lets you do this by creating gift card products that will be displayed as a product in your store. The gift card product can have a fixed price (the customers will get that many credits when they purchase that gift card) or a custom price (that the customers can choose). 

In addition to this, the WooCommerce gift card plugin also offers manual credit management opportunities. That is, the store admin can add, remove, or manage credits manually from the plugin dashboard. 

Notable features

  • Create gift card products 
  • Manage user credits 
  • Pre-built gift card template library 
  • Extensive gift card customization 
  • Automatically email gift cards to recipients 
  • Enable customers to print gift cards 
  • Schedule gift card sending to a later date 
  • Create gift card products with fixed or custom amounts 


The WooCommerce gift card plugin is priced from $99 to $399 per year. 

2. Advanced Dynamic Pricing For WooCommerce

Advanced Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce Plugin

Discounts are often the push that customers need to purchase a product. Customers consider discounts a necessity in this economy where online retail is thriving. However, manually chaining the discount values of individual products by considering the purchase conditions is almost impossible. 

The dynamic printing free plugin for WooCommerce lets you quickly set up discounts and pricing rules for your products. The pricing will be dynamically altered based on discount rules, these rules can be activated or deactivated based on your requirements. 

The plugin lets you configure percentage adjustments, fixed dollar adjustments, and even set a fixed price for individual products or product groups. You may also set up role-based prices or bulk prices. 

Notable use cases

  • Provide category-level discounts
  • Provide product discounts and free shipping 
  • Discounts on purchases above the minimum quantity on selected days 
  • Buy X and get Y for free 
  • Discounts on individual items on packages 
  • Buy a package, get an item for free. 
  • Bulk discounts on selected items (for wholesale buyers only) 


Advanced dynamic pricing is available in both free and pro versions. The pro version is charged from $60 a year to $250 a year.  

3. Frequently Bought Together For WooCommerce

Web Toffee Frequently Bought Together For Woocommerce

Showcasing the products related to a primary item is a common technique employed to improve the average order quantity of the orders. Product recommendations can also improve the store experience as they improve the visibility of the most related products, which enables customers to significantly reduce their browsing time. 

One of the best ways to give out purchase recommendations in WooCommerce is by displaying related products as the ‘Customers also bought’ items. The WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together plugin creates a separate section for displaying the related products on your WooCommerce product pages. The plugin offers pre-built templates that can be used for displaying the products. 

You may customize the frequently bought section in any way that you require. You can change the titles, labels, and other texts in the section, and you can change the layout of the section and even the product data added to the section. 

Notable features

  • Adds a ‘Frequently Bought Together section to your store
  • Can display the upsells, cross-sells, related products, or custom products as frequently bought together 
  • Complete control over which product details are to be displayed in the section
  • Can adjust the default layout of the section 
  • Set up bundle discounts for when customers purchase the whole items in the frequently bought section 


The WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together plugin is available from $59 onwards for annual plans.

4. All In One SEO For WordPress 

All In One SEO Best WordPress SEO Plugin

SEO is the one thing that helps you make your store pop up more on internet search engines. Having a good SEO structure helps your store get identified by users who are on the lookout for specific products. 

You can optimize your store SEO with the help of the All In One SEO plugin for WordPress (AIO SEO). The plugin lets you boost your WordPress SEO rankings and traffic. This beginner-friendly platform is optimized for Google and other popular search engines so that they can give out accurate recommendations. 

The plugin follows an efficient SEO workflow that enables you to easily outrank your competitors. The tool is up-to-date on SEO standards and best practices. 

Notable features

  • TRUSEO analysis for optimizing pages for higher SEO ranking 
  • Seamless integrations with WebMaster tools and social media sites 
  • Smart XML sitemaps and rich snippets
  • Complete support for Google Knowledge Graph and Schema.org markup
  • SEO site redirection and 404 monitoring 
  • On-page optimization 
  • WordPress SEO setup wizard 


AIO SEO is available in free and pro versions. The basic-premium version is priced at $124 a year. 

5. Subscriptions For WooCommerce

Subscriptions for WooCommerce Plugin

Subscriptions for the WooCommerce plugin enable you to add subscription products to your WooCommerce store and charge recurring fees from your subscribers. Subscriptions are orders that would be repeated at regular intervals of time. The subscription market has been booming lately, and adding subscriptions could generate great benefits for your business. 

With the WooCommerce subscription plugin, you can pro-rate payments, the subscription renewal, set up free trials and sign-up fees, etc. The tool also sends automated email alerts to you and your subscribers to notify them of any important events. Additionally, email notifications are sent to subscribers during the renewal period to remind them of the payment. This helps keep your customers in the loop. 

Another important feature of this plugin is its compatibility with drip downloads. This makes the plugin suitable for selling downloadable subscription products. You can also set up simple and variable subscription products with this plugin. 

Notable features

  • Setting up custom subscription prices 
  • Set custom renewal intervals 
  • Scheduling recurring discounts for subscription products 
  • Payment proration 
  • Payment synchronization 
  • Charge sign-up fees 
  • Offer free product trials 
  • Automated email alerts 
  • Supports simple and variable subscriptions 
  • Compatible with 10+ payment gateways 


The plugin is priced from $89 a year for single site licenses to $199 a year for 25 site licenses. 

6. MyRewards – Loyalty Points And Rewards Program For WooCommerce

MyRewards – Loyalty Points and Rewards Program for WooCommerce

Customer satisfaction should be at the front and center of your business strategy if you want to survive in the long run. A tried and tested method to improve customer satisfaction is to offer loyalty rewards. Loyalties engage your customers in a meaningful way that would help you increase sales, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction. 

The MyRewards plugin offers a powerful and customizable points and rewards program for WooCommerce. The plugin lets you offer rewards to customers when they spend money or place orders. It also allows the admin to manage and monitor customer rewards and enables customers to view the points they have earned. 

The plugin also automatically sends email notifications to customers when they unlock new rewards. The plugin is compatible with WPML and offers translations to multiple languages.  

Notable features

  • Give points when customers spend money
  • Give points when customers complete the first purchase 
  • Reward points on all orders made by the customers 
  • Offer loyalty points for adding product reviews
  • Auto-convert reward points into coupons 
  • Manage reward points of customers. 


The plugin is available in both free and paid versions. The license is priced at 9.90 € per month.

7. Display Discounts For WooCommerce 

Display Discounts For WooCommerce - Plugin

Having coupons and discounts may not essentially improve your sales unless you showcase and market them in a meaningful way. For instance, the discount coupons that you have set up in WooCommerce will not be visible to your customers. You will have to administer techniques like emailing coupon codes to make your customers aware of the coupons. The same goes while applying the coupons, customers who don’t have the proper coupon code will not be able to access the coupon. 

The Display Discounts for WooCommerce plugin from WebToffee is designed for this particular purpose. It enables you to display all available coupon offers available for a product on specific product pages. This will eliminate all possible confusion for your customers. They can even copy each coupon’s coupon code just by clicking on the coupon template. 

The plugin offers multiple coupon display templates and display options. For instance, you can show the coupon restrictions and eligible products in the coupon itself. The eligible products are displayed on a separate page. The URL of this page is hyperlinked on the coupon to make it easy for customers to view it. 

Notable features

  • Add a separate coupon display section to product pages 
  • Can hide coupon display section from guest users 
  • Hide WooCommerce coupon without restrictions 
  • Show coupon code on the template 
  • Enable the coupon code to be copied just by clicking on it 
  • Add a link to the eligible products page 
  • Disable the display of select coupons 


The Display Discount plugin is priced at $49 per year. 

8. WooCommerce Checkout & Funnel Builder By CartFlows

WooCommerce Checkout & Funnel Builder by CartFlows

An unoptimized sales funnel can drain a large number of sales. Customers will always go for a store that values their needs and takes their difficulties into consideration. If you do not provide it, customers will go for a store that does. The checkout experience is one of the most crucial parts of a sales process. 

The WooCommerce checkout and funnel builder plugin enables store owners to create unlimited sales funnels. These sales funnels can be used to generate a streamlined store checkout for your customers. 

The plugin assists you in generating an easy-to-use WooCommerce checkout replacement that lets you improve your checkout (and, therefore, the conversion rate) with minimal effort. 

Notable features

  • Express checkout
  • Single/two-column layouts 
  • Real-time email validation 
  • Google address autocomplete 
  • Coupon box and order button control 
  • New field interactions 


The plugin is available in two versions – free and premium. The premium version’s price starts from $129 per year.  

9. Table Rate Shipping Method For WooCommerce By Flexible Shipping

Table Rate Shipping Method for WooCommerce Plugin

Shipping rate calculation is a tricky arena. You have to charge shipping costs, but you shouldn’t overdo it. What if you have a shipping plugin that enables you to dynamically calculate the shipping costs? 

The Table rate shipping method is one such WooCommerce plugin that would dynamically calculate the shipping costs based on the weight of the order or the cart sub-total. 

In addition to this, you may also configure several other shipment cost-based scenarios, such as adding handling fees and insurance costs, creating COD payments with additional costs, and more.

Notable features

  • Several shipping methods and costs calculation rules 
  • Calculate shipping costs based on cart total or weight 
  • Free shipping over a selected amount 
  • Offer specific shipping methods to logged-in users 


The pro version of the plugin is priced at $89 per year. There is also a free version of the plugin. 

10. WPC Smart Compare For WooCommerce

WPC Smart Compare for WooCommerce

When your store has several similar products, your customers will ask for a product comparison. Delivering this feature will be your best chance to secure that purchase. 

WPC Smart Compare is a WooCommerce comparison plugin that offers advanced comparing features. The plugin facilitates a detailed set of extensive customization options that would help you make the most out of your compare feature. 

WPC Smart Compare generates a compare button, a comparison table, and a comparison bar that is powerful, responsive, and mobile-friendly.

Notable features

  • Powerful AJAX functions
  • Enable customers to drag and drop to rearrange products in the comparison line 
  • Switch horizontal and vertical views 
  • Enable/disable Quick Comparison Table for related products


Smart Compare is available in free and premium versions. The premium version pricing starts from $29 (one-time purchase). 


Plugins are the best way to go in WordPress if you are not a developer who can write codes for complex features. Fortunately, there is no scarcity of plugins in WordPress. The platform houses a large number of plugins that can be used for specific purposes. 

Listed above are some of the WooCommerce plugins you can use to improve your store’s sales and quality. This listicle was intended to help you identify them easily. I hope this was of help.

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