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We welcome every content writer and business owner to write a guest post related to our topics.

If you are interested in publishing a guest post on our website, follow the simple guidelines below.

Guideline for publishing a guest post
  1. Mainly we publish articles related to WordPress themes, Shopify themes, plugins, templates, and relevant add-ons.
  2. The articles should need to be 1200+ words. (Longer the content, it is better).
  3. Add multiple subheadings and images wherever necessary.
  4. The images should not be copied from another website. Use any free stock image sites or create it on your own.
  5. The article you provide should be unique and not be published anywhere else.
  6. Your article should pass the plagiarism test, or else it wouldn’t.
  7. Pitch your article to us before starting to write it. If you have finished writing, then send it to us.
  8. Once you have submitted your article, we own the full rights to edit and manage the content.
  9. We generally reply within two business days.
    1. If you have promotional content, then discuss it with our marketing team ([email protected])
  10. We don’t include guest author Bio in our posts.
  11. We align your approved content on our publishing timeline with publishing it as soon as possible.

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