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Multifox theme blog is a growing platform and a knowledge powerhouse of all things related to WordPress & Shopify. We ace content marketing with in-depth educational content like articles, theme reviews, How-tos, videos, infographics, and newsletters.

Our website has more than 3000+ organic visitors every month, and our blog receives around 5000+ pageviews from organic searches. The people behind these searches are potential customers researching products and services related to WordPress & Shopify.

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We provide multiple advertisement options for you:



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Standard Listing (Themes/Plugins/Apps)

You can add your product to a blog of your choice. The position of your product will be decided by us depending upon the quality of your product & availability of the position.


Featured Listing

Your product will be listed in one of the top three spots in the blog of your choice. The position will be the same as per the agreed duration, which is 4 months.


Blog Link Placement

We place your blog link on our blog as per your need. The link will be a permanent Dofollow link.


Youtube Video

We will create a critique review of your product - emphasizing the positives and upload them to our Youtube channel.


Theme Review Article

We will write a complete review of your product and publish it on our blogs.
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Sponsored Guest Post

You can submit an article speaking about your product or service to be published in our blog. You will also receive a do-follow link back to your site.


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