Multifox Shop Features – Power Packed Woocommerce Plugin

Multifox Shop is a premium WordPress plugin to improve the Woocommerce functionalities of the Multifox theme. With the world is rapidly moving towards digitalization, online stores are one of the highly profitable businesses in this modern world.

Over 2 billion people shop online every year, and it is increasing every year. So we made our theme easier for the online store creators. Without touching a single line of coding, every beginner can create a fantastic eCommerce store.

Note: Make sure you have also installed the Multifox Pro plugin and the Multifox Shop plugin to get the Woocommerce functionalities.

Multifox Shop Plugin Features

Take a look at the powerful customization options provided by the Multifox shop plugin.

Single product page

It has high in-depth customization of the single product pages. Choose between the default Woocommerce template and custom templates for single product pages.
The advanced features include a sticky add to cart, product 360 viewers, size guide button, additional product information, and breadcrumb for better navigation. For FOMO, it has a sale countdown timer, displays real-time visitors value, and an additional quick delivery option for immediate checkouts to high kick start your conversions.
Multifox Shop offers a product upselling option that suggests the users better products along with it. Display the product in multiple column layouts. Enabling the related products will display the relevant products you are viewing that helps to buy the products together.
Enable or disable the social share, and social follow options for Woocommerce custom template.

Shop Page

Choose a number of products to display on the shop pages. The shopping page comes with four different types of columns to show the products. It has a sorter header and footer options like a filter, result count, pagination, display mode, and display mode options.

Other page options

It has similar customization functionalities for category pages and tag pages. Multifox shop offers cross-selling options for boosting product conversion rates.
Choose the add-to-cart action between the sidebar widget and the notification widget. The Multifox Shop tool allows you to display recently viewed products to provide a better shopping experience.
Multifox Shop is a power-packed tool with advanced features to create a user friendly online store on WordPress. Create custom templates and fully customize them with the Multifox theme.

How to install the MultiFox Shop Plugin

Here is a quick step-by-step method of installing the Multifox Shop plugin.

Step 1

Visit the Multifox theme and purchase the Multifox premium theme. Once completed the checkout process, you will be navigated to the purchase confirmation page.

Step 2

You can find the premium plugins and license keys on the purchase confirmation page. Then download both Multifox Plus and Shop plugin files. (For a more detailed understanding, take a look at the below video)

Step 3

If you have already installed the Multifox Plus and Pro plugin, start uploading the Multifox Shop plugin file. Navigate to the plugin menu on the left side of the WordPress dashboard. Click Add new and upload the Multifox Shop plugin that you have downloaded initially.

Step 4

Then install and Activate the Multifox Shop Plugin. Now you can explore that all your advanced Woocommerce features are unlocked on the WordPress customizer.