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10 WordPress LMS Plugins to Create and Sell Online Courses in 2023

WordPress LMS Plugins to Create and Sell Online Courses in 2022

WordPress LMS plugins are one of the trending plugins because of the improvement in online learning. So we have picked up the best WordPress LMS plugins to create and sell online courses easily.

If you’re seeking multiple ways to deliver an online course, you just need to complete all the traditional tools and features of a learning management system. It means that you need to know about some of the best learning management plugins for the WordPress platform. These LMS plugins might be able to give you all the functionality you need to move forward.

After you’ve installed the freemium or premium WordPress CMS and have already chosen any of the required online course delivery plugins, you can now have your personalized learning management platform for a wide set of prices, just like an enterprise management system.

Also, you can easily deliver some of the easier online courses to your potential customers, whether they are free or you charge a simple or recurring fee.

What is a Learning Management System Plugin?

Certainly, an LMS WordPress plugin assists you in adding learning-focused features to your WordPress platform to build, deliver, and manage online courses for individuals.

It includes the things that help you keep track of, monitor, and report back to online students as their progress is tracked through their courses, so you can do that.

LMS plugins are quite flexible, and they offer you the ability to create your content, make required changes, update your information, and manage all your admin tasks from one suitable location.

Also, they make eLearning available to your students. You only need to provide access to your online courses by logging into their account and setting it up on your website.

Also, you can use an LMS plugin for a structured learning environment with elements that include quizzes, assignments, grades, and vice versa.

You can use it more simply and efficiently to deliver text or multimedia lessons to your website subscribers. Seamlessly build online courses with these LMS plugins.

Hence, a lot of entrepreneurs are adapting to such activities in 2022. Now, Let’s dive into discussing the best online LMS course plugin for WordPress in 2022:

List Of Best WordPress LMS Plugins For Online Education Websites

1.  DT LMS Plugin

DT LMS powerful and robust LMS plugin

DT LMS is a powerful and robust LMS plugin used for digital courses, learning management systems, educational WordPress sites, and many more, giving you all the important functionalities of a comprehensive LMS theme.

You need to try it to deliver user-friendly online learning exposure to your potential students or learners. Basically, the WordPress DT LMS plugin works very well for all online education-related online services, including higher education courses and kindergarten websites.

Moreover, the LMS plugin is equipped with advanced features and gives you intuitive settings options to manage classes, timetables, instructors, courses, lessons, quizzes, assignments, and vice versa.

Also, you can easily use this plugin to build a feature-rich online learning marketplace with intuitive courses and quizzes.

Likewise, you can also incorporate badges, certificates, notifications, and other useful functionalities into your LMS website.

The plugin can also assist you in generating data-packed reports and statistics to help you analyze your business aspects and vice versa.


Following are some of the features of DT LMS:

  • Enables the user can easily create courses via the intuitive course builder.
  • Allows the user to create a multilingual or RTL website.
  • Enable the user to customize your LMS website without any code involvement.
  • Highlights the course benefits, course topics, eligibility requirements, and summary.
  • Add videos, quizzes, charts, and attachments to your courses.
  • Provides access to multiple tabs, timetables, and location maps.
  • Allows different purchase and registration options.
  • Monitor various courses and the progress of the students.

2.  Edivently – Create $ Sell Online Courses

Edivently WordPress LMS Plugin

Edivently LMS is a simple and robust learning management system (LMS) plugin that transforms your WordPress site into an online academy.

It is considered that its simple and intuitive features make it preferable for you to design and impart courses.

No matter what subject area you have chosen as an instructor, you will ensure high student engagement. At the same time, it’s very efficient and reliable system that helps you generate a stream of income too.


Following are some of the powerful features of Edivently LMS:

  • Inducement of Content – Enables you to induce feed content to your students by a schedule of your choice.
  • Sample Lessons – Makes the sample lessons to display the course information before the students buy.
  • Payment Options – Provides instant one-off payments, subscriptions, or free access to your courses.
  • Quizzes & Assignments – This allows you to test students with MCQs and Assignment Options.
  • Expire Accessibility – Protect the courses and content via controlling accessibility to the online courses.
  • Flexible Categories – No limit on categorization levels, subjects, and language of your courses.
  • Provide Certificates – Provides custom certificates to reward successful completion of the course.
  • Custom Badges – Reward your users via offering custom badges with the BadgeOS.
  • Multi-Languages – Translate your website in any language manually or with plugin integration.
  • Styling Options – Transform your plugin’s colors and font to match your brand easily.
  • Mobile Responsive – Mobile responsive for the students who want to study the accessibility to the next level.
  • Intuitive Navigation – Easy to navigate via lessons and by ensuring users track the progress.
  • Any Theme – Enables you to use any modern WordPress theme to upload evidently LMS.
  • Any Media – You can test students with MCQs and Assignment Options
  • Course Materials – Protect courses and the content by controlling access to online courses.

3.  myCred LearnDash

myCred LearnDash wordpress plugin

myCred LearnDash is a powerful and robust WordPress plugin that enables you to create points based on the LearnDash plugin. This plugin helps users get points while they complete courses, lessons, topics, or quizzes.

Likewise, it enables you to create your courses via the learnDash plugin and enables this addon to perform the rest of the activities.

You can easily manage the user logs and point balances from a single dashboard. This plugin automatically awards points to your users, which allows myCred’s available hooks to award your users with points whenever they tend to complete a particular objective or action.


Following are some of the features of the myCred LearnDash plugin:

  • Buy Courses – Users can buy courses of their choice via spending points.
  • Limit Purchase – Disallow or restrict users to buy courses via points.
  • Leaderboard for Courses – Create leaderboards to display the latest trends and available courses.
  • Restrict Purchases – Disallow or limit users from buying courses via points.
  • Leaderboard for Courses – Create leaderboards to display trends and availability of courses.
  • Leaderboard for Lessons – Create leaderboards to display the availability of the courses.
  • Leaderboard for Topics – Create leaderboards to display leaders inside the topics category.
  • Leaderboard for Quizzes – Create leaderboards to display the availability of quizzes.
  • Award Points – Give personal points when the users complete a course, lesson, topic, or quiz.
  • Instantly Award Points – Instantly award points to your users after they complete a particular action.
  • Manages Logs – Simply manages user logs and point balances.

4.  MemberPress – Membership Plugin For WordPress

MemberPress WordPress LMS plugins

MemberPress is a digital membership software that you can easily use to create an online course. It also helps you use MemberPress to protect the course materials, which has the essence of giving users a separate environment to interact with each other, download information, and get multiple updates.

Using MemberPress, you can easily get WordPress LMS plugins that make it flexible to set up and work with any type of theme.

MemberPress can easily handle all the relevant functionality required, such as registering users to restrict access to the content on your website.


Following are some of the features of MemberPress:

  • Paywall Power – Provides access rules is the magic behind MemberPress, as they offer you extraordinary WordPress paywall power with the click of a button.
  • Online Courses – Always ensure that MemberPress offers a powerful LMS platform that makes it quite easy for anyone to create and sell an online course.
  • Coupons – Enables users to sell more and ensures your customers with easy-to-customize coupons. You can create as many as per your preferences. Also, you can easily control the expiration date and amount of use.
  • Community Development – Customers tend to hang together and stay together. Also, make your website a place customers can easily call at home, and home is where they feel satisfied.

5.  LifterLMS

LifterLMS plugin for online course

LifterLMS is a seamless and result-oriented WordPress-based LMS plugin that comes integrated with a wide variety of helpful features.

It’s quite simple to set up, eventually, on the existing WordPress websites and provides you with an easy and intuitive method to build engaging online courses.

It comes integrated with a default drag-and-drop course builder and consists of the capacity to help you create courses to be completed with audio, image, video, and text-based courses.

With the use of LifterLMS, you can easily create homework assignments for the students to complete, adjust timers on quizzes to test their knowledge, and offer downloadable materials for offline learning methods.

You can even assign it to multiple instructors for each specified course, allowing students to interact with many experts using forums, lesson comments, timelines, and even private coaching areas.


Following are some of the features of the LifterLMS plugin:

  • Multimedia Lessons – It visually appeals to multiple learning styles with video, audio, text, image-based lessons, and more.
  • Quizzes – Creates dynamic multimedia quizzes to induce learning parameters or test the competency of the materials.
  • Course Builder – Easily creates online courses from one screen with the intuitive multitier drag-and-drop course builder.
  • Induced Content – Enables users to protect learners’ focus and future recurring revenue by making lessons available with time.

6.  WP Courseware – WordPress LMS Plugin

WP Courseware wordpress LMS plugin

WP Courseware is one of the major WordPress LMS plugins, and the pricing package is much less complex than some of the options available in the competition.

In particular, you can receive a bonus of a two-site enabled license for the less expensive package. The on-page demo is the closest aspect you’ll receive to a free trial package, but it’s aesthetically designed and filled with the actual course of content to get the flow of your creativity.

This plugin offers a wide range of features, and it only starts with the drag-and-drop editor. You can easily create some courses with relevant ease, and eventually, you can protect these courses from getting stolen.

Furthermore, WP Courseware’s standout element constitutes the large collection of integrations that you can easily choose from that facilitate WooCommerce and the WordPress platforms with plenty of relevant options such as BuddyPress, Visual Composer, and OptimizePress.


Following are some of the features of WP Courseware:

  • Provides an intuitive Drag and Drop Visual Course Builder
  • Provides an exceptional multimedia learning exposure
  • Enables users to create unlimited courses
  • Allows users to host unrestricted students
  • Easily limits the course accessibility to students who have completed previous courses.
  • Guides the students throughout an entire learning process involved in multiple courses.
  • Schedules the course content to be released on specific dates or at certain time intervals from enrollment.

7. LearnDash

LearnDash popular WordPress education plugin

LearnDash is one of the best and most popular WordPress education plugin.

Many large Fortune 500 companies and reputed universities use it for imparting online education and training. LearnDash is a Capterra Top 20 Training Software Winner.

However, this excellence does not come cheap. So, if you are beginning your online education journey with a low budget, LearnDash may not be suitable for you.

As you can expect, LearnDash has all the features you may need in an online education website. Its basic plan can help you create one website with unlimited courses and users.

It supports drip-feed lessons, advanced quizzes, course forums, certificates, badges, engagement triggers, robust user management, and course content protections.

8) Sensei – Powerful LMS Plugin for WordPress Websites

Sensei powerful LMS plugin for wordpress

Sensei is a WooCommerce extension built by Automatics, the company behind wordpress.com, WooCommerce, Jetpack, and Gravatar.

This online learning WordPress plugin is suitable for selling online courses and tutorial videos through e-commerce stores. Sensei has a simple process for course creation and management.

Its features include user registration through WordPress, simple course analytics, and multiple templates for quizzes and tests. Sensei supports automatic and manual quiz grading.

If you are offering free online courses, you can install the free Sensei LMS.

However, if you want to create a commercial online education website with paid courses, you would also need to use the WooCommerce Paid Courses extension.

In short, if you want to sell courses using Sensei Learning Management System, you need to install three plugins — WooCommerce, Sensei LMS, and the WooCommerce Paid Courses extensions. If you already use WooCommerce on your website, Sensei can be an excellent option for you.

9) Academy Learning Management System

Academy Learning Management System plugin for WordPress

Academy is another affordable Learning Management System plugin for WordPress sites.

It enjoys much popularity in the Envato Market and has powerful LMS functionalities. You can easily manage the Admin controls, user profiles, courses, classes, and lesson plans.

Students can save their favourite courses to a Wishlist, interact with their instructors, purchase courses using popular payment options, etc. It also has powerful features that make the work of instructors and site admins easy.

The Academy WordPress LMS plugin supports courses delivered through well-organized videos, lesson plans, quizzes, course progress tracking, user dashboards, etc. If you want a cheap LMS plugin that has all the necessary features, Academy is a good option.

10) Tutor – Free LMS WordPress Plugins

Tutor LMS eLearning and online course solution WordPress plugin

Tutor is one of the best free LMS WordPress plugins. It has premium add-ons for extending its functionalities. These add-ons can help you use Google Classroom, Zoom, Paid Memberships, WooCommerce subscriptions, etc.

Tutor LMS plugin also has a Pro version that can give you powerful functionalities for your online learning website. These include course previews, multimedia attachments, content drip, and assignment submissions. This WordPress education plugin can work well for individual instructors, educational institutions, and online learning marketplaces.

Final Words

The best LMS plugins for WordPress sites make it easy for you to create courses, use multiple types of quizzes, provide student and instructor profiles, display course progress, etc. All good-quality LMS plugins have the following features:

  • Course creation and management: This is the essential feature that WordPress education plugins must have. Whichever plugin you use, it should help you create and manage courses.
  • Quizzes and tests: The plugin should support multiple types of tests and quizzes to make online learning engaging for the students.
  • Student management: Your Learning Management System plugin needs powerful features to help you keep track of the new student enrollment, the fee collected, instructor performance, and other important analytics.
  • BuddyPress and bbPress: These plugins help in the creation and management of student/instructor profiles. They create a user profile and allow the students and instructors to interact with each other, check the course progress, etc. The LMS plugin you use should be able to integrate with these.
  • Gamification and certificates: Such incentives keep the students engaged with the course. Your Learning Management System plugin should be able to deliver such rewards upon completion of learning activities and courses.

These are just a few of the essential features that WordPress education plugins should have. The best LMS plugins provide many other user-friendly functionalities. Finding the best WordPress plugin for online education websites can be tricky. There are many great options available. These are the 10 best WordPress LMS plugins we have come across.

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In a nutshell, choosing the best WordPress LMS plugins can be a tedious task, but you can get a significant number of ways to create and sell your online courses. So, the plugins above are meant to give you a lot of different ways to create, make and sell online courses in 2022.


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