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Marketing Automation With Ease

Running a business is not an easy task. But it can be simplified with the proper process and technology dependency. Making the correct choice stays above all. No doubt, every business exists because it has some service that your customer needs.

Whether B2B or B2C, it is inevitable for businesses to drill down the customer requirements and meet their expectations. It is up to you to meet their needs in the best ways possible. 

Explore Marketing Automation

Have you ever thought about what it would feel like when your customers expect your business? Of course, meeting your customer needs is essential, but it is possible with the power of marketing automation.

At the same time, it might feel a bit technical. However, it is deeply relevant to the needs. Your business needs to stay active at every touch point, and it helps your organization in dealing with the marketing campaigns, sales, and supply chain. 

Before executing and understanding what Marketing automation is, one important thing is to understand your customers – who they are and what their problems are.

Every business exists because it resolves the challenges of customers in diverse industries. So, it is essential to evolve as a brand where you must understand customer problems first and then try to resolve them with the best solutions.

Always think from the customer’s point of view. Today’s landscape is, in a way, nobody wants to hear promotional messages. Instead, everything needs to be completely personalized. 

Most importantly, businesses should get active to attract potential customers through personalized and informative campaigns and display them on the right platforms where the prospects turn up. Okay, so let’s get into it! 

What is Marketing Automation? 

Marketing automation is the technique that helps you to build good relationships with your prospects and customers, configure highly personalized campaigns, and get good results for your marketing and sales, and overall outcomes. 

The concept is to make your brand visible and read out to your prospects through different mediums at the right time through suitable communication.

By managing your customer connections, you can build better strategies because real customers are the prospect in search of you or your competitors, and getting hold of them at that instant so that quality leads are generated for your business.

The marketing automation tool is the best thing to opt for during these instances, where you can sit back and monitor all your campaigns to see what delivers the result and what does not. You can accordingly make changes to the campaigns and optimize them to get better results with time. 

Marketing is all about dealing with different stages of the leads, such as Awareness, Consideration, Decision, and Customer. 

Different stages of the leads

A brief overview of these stages

  • Awareness: Deals with the prospect stage, where strangers are attracted to your brand website or landing pages while searching for solutions to their problems or challenges. 
  • Consideration: At this stage, you have a couple of options for your problem, And you are a bit confused about which to choose. 
  • Decision: It is the second last stage, where you have finalized the platform or business vendor from the list available based on the value propositions that go well with your business line. 
  • Customer: This is the last stage of the customer journey, where a stranger who was once attracted to your brand is now converted into your customer after passing through different stages of the funnel. 

It does not end here. It may even be extended to a customer who is a promoter of your business by becoming an Evangelist, where they start getting more referrals for your business. 

How to get started with Marketing Automation Campaigns? 

It’s all straightforward. While marketing focuses on generating leads for the business, it even helps you to build an excellent sales pipeline through automated business process management.

CRM automation is the key, as all the leads generated will be stored in the CRM in the backend. In typical cases, it would be taken care of manually, But if you have the proper configuration of CRM automation, then it may make the process much more straightforward, quicker, and more efficient. 

For example, as soon as the lead is encountered in the CRM, it may pass on to the sequence of email campaigns based on the product/service or even the target country as specified in the workflow.

It allows the sales rep to get in touch with the lead with fully personalized communication so you can grab the deal quickly, like never before. Email marketing is critical there for your segmented database. 

So, let’s understand every bit of it. 

Marketing Automation Campaigns

1. Understand your Customers

The best way to get your business moving is to get hold of your customers, understand them better, keep an eye on their behavioral patterns, and travel with them until they close the deal.

To understand it better, you would rely on a platform that tracks their online activities, such as visiting websites, following on social media, engaging with social posts, chatting on the live chat., filling out forms, and a lot more.

Observing these activities lets you know the level’s interest level, and you can immediately attend them whenever they are online or available.  

Some of the additional questions that you may ask would be: 

  • How did our customers hear about your brand/ad? 
  • What is their preferred mode of communication – mobile user or not 
  • What is the frequency of their website visits? 
  • Any idea of how many touches points the customer made before converting – like live chat, physical visits, or any other communication?

These data would help you craft your campaigns accordingly. No-code platforms like Yoroflow are good companions when it comes to CRM automation tools. It is excellent CRM software that helps you to understand and know your customer better. 

2. Make sure to add the customer journey properly 

As we discussed the above journeys that your customer takes through the marketing funnel, you need to travel with them and understand their journey and needs at every stage.

Accordingly, you can provide them with the right solutions to help them make good decisions quickly and effectively. 

3. Start delivering content relevant to the customer stages 

Every stage is unique, and so are the needs. For the awareness stage, focus on the brand awareness type of content strategy that mainly deals with the problem statement for your customers.

In the consideration stage, it is the complete comparison strategy that rocks! Finally, in the decision stage, it is about presenting and showcasing your brand to your customers with some of the best and most unique value propositions they could ever think of! 

The final stage, the customer, is when you boost the customer’s confidence by sharing many success stories, testimonials, and clothes or the social proof and confidence-boosting factors. Focus on every stage and give the utmost care in crafting content strategies for every stage of your customer journey.  

 4. Never forget to give your customers wow moments

Because everyone loves surprises. Give them theirs at the right time with the right message through the right channel. 

Not just this, there are many more ways to initiate and enjoy marketing automation for your business.

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