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7 Best Websites To Download Free Fonts In 2023

Best Websites To Download Free Fonts

Doesn’t know where to download free fonts for a website? We have handpicked the best websites to download fonts.

Typography and fonts greatly contribute to attractive web design, and picking the right web fonts will make it perfect. We have often seen that website designers take much time to find suitable fonts for their website design. 

Sometimes you will find a font from an image or any other website, but you don’t know where to download fonts for a website. So we have collected the best websites to download fonts. It saves you more time in searching to download the best font for websites. 

Most of the below listed best websites for fonts are free to download. But sometimes, you need to buy premium fonts that are attractive to use on your website. Start building an amazing website with Hostinger hosting (Get up to 80% Discounts)

1. Google Fonts – Best Free Font Website To Download

fonts Google Best Free Font Find Website

Google fonts are the world’s most popular and highly used font website. You will definitely have heard of Google fonts if you are a web designer. It is an open-source and free website to download fonts. 

Google fonts are home to over 1000 fonts that are neatly designed. It is viewed by over 68 trillion times on the internet. You can download all the fonts for free and use them on your website. 

It may be overfilling to find your desired font for the website. So this comes with a search option, filters, and a sorting option to find your font. These fonts are filtered with various categories, multiple languages, and font properties. 

The categories include serif, sans serif, display, handwriting, and monospace. On the font properties, you can filter through a number of styles, thicknesses, slants, and widths. 

You can also find the fonts by sorting options like trending, most popular, newest, and name. Simply click any font to alter to various fonts size and font weights. 

Downloading a font from this website is also easy. Click the font you like, and on the top right “Download family” option is available.

Click the “Download family” to quickly download the font. This is the easy method to download fonts from Google Fonts websites. 

Google Fonts is a highly famous website to download fonts for free and can be used for commercial purposes.  

2. Dafont – Free Font Website To Download

Dafont Free Font Website To Download

Dafont has a huge collection of fonts to download. It is one of the oldest websites to download fonts. For some people, the look of the website is difficult to browse the themes. 

You can use the search bar on the top right to find any particular font. Otherwise, click the alphabet below the search bar to list the font on that alphabet. 

Dafont has a wide variety of font categories under multiple areas like fancy, techno, foreign look, bitmap, gothic, and many others. This best font website has an easy download button to download the fonts.

On this font-downloading website, most fonts are free to download, but it also has some premium fonts to download. This best website for fonts has various filters and sorting options to find suitable fonts. With its large collection, you will have a large variety of fonts to choose from. 

3. Font Space – Attractive Website To Download Fonts

Fontspace Attractive Website To Download Fonts

Font Space is home to over 100,000 free fonts. It is one of the best websites to download fonts that are free to use on your projects. This font website has a large variety of stylish fonts under various styles. 

Some of the font styles include trendy, basic, decorative, fun font, extreme font, old font, present style, future style, famous font, foreign look font, and many others. 

These font styles have multiple subcategories like wedding, invitation, sans serif, gothic, cartoon, vintage, bold, frames, and huge other font types to filter out your desired font. 

This best font website allows you to easily download fonts with a single click. Font Space website shows all the fonts by default, you can filter to free fonts to download. Most probably, the majority of the fonts are free to download. 

4. Befonts – Free Font To Download For Designers

Befonts Free Font To Download For Designers

Befonts is another great website to download fonts for free. It is one of the best fonts websites that are highly suitable for designers. Generally, these free fonts to download come with a license for personal use. 

But for commercial purposes, you can buy the license. You can select the particular font to find its font family and a button to download the font for free. It also has a link to purchase the font for commercial use.

Befonts free fonts download website comes with multiple categories like display fonts, handwritten fonts, basic fonts, serif fonts, calligraphy fonts, vintage fonts, and multiple other categories to find the suitable font.

5. Font Squirrel – Download Free Fonts For Commercial Use

Font Squirrel Download Free Fonts For Commercial Use

Font squirrel is yet another famous website to download free fonts. It also comes with a wide variety of free fonts to download that is free to use on commercial projects. 

It also has a Font Identifier tool that allows you to find a font from an image. So using the Font Identifier tool, you can find the font used on the particular image.

All the fonts on the Font Squirrel website are free to download, but it is always important to read the commercial usage instructions for that font. It’s because the free fonts on the Font Squirrel come with different usage licenses. So it’s better to read the usage license of the free font you are downloading.

You can also see that each font comes with multiple icons at the bottom. Each icon represents different usage instructions. The desktop icons represent a license to use free fonts on commercial graphics and documents. The globe icon represents the embedding of the font in your website with CSS.

The Kindle icon below icon represents the free license to use on the ebook and portable documents. The phone-like icon represents the license to use the free font on the applications and software.

This is one of the best websites to download free fonts for commercial use. 

6. 1001 Fonts – Website To Download Free Font

1001 Fonts Website To Download Free Font

1001 Font website has a huge collection of free fonts to download. It has a massive collection of over 23,000 fonts under multiple categories. Various font categories include Serif, Italic, Handwritten, Heavy, Narrow, Light, Black, Calligraphy, Techno, and a lot more.

It has an interesting search bar where you can type and view the word in different fonts. You can also filter it to display free fonts for commercial use. Also, use the filters like size and color and sort them by trending, date added, popularity, alphabetically, and a number of styles.

Every font style comes with different color tags, like Green, Red, and Yellow, that indicate that it is free for commercial or personal use. You can find the link to buy the commercial license of the personal use fonts by clicking the font. However, some free fonts on this website don’t have commercials, which are only used for personal use.

7. 1001 Free Fonts – Massive Collection Of Free Fonts To Download

1001 Free Fonts Massive Collection Of Fonts To Download

1001 Free Fonts website is included an amazing variety of free fonts to download. This free font website has over 30,000 fonts to download. You can enter the text on the search bar and preview it on the different fonts. It also lets you filter using the size and color.

The font is easily downloaded by clicking on the button’s download button on the right side. It is arranged in multiple categories in alphabetical order. These categories include alien, animal, computer, decorative, Disney, famous, fancy, italic, and huge other types of fonts. 

On this website, the font comes with both personal and commercial licenses. So check the license of the font you are downloading before using it. You can also buy 10,000 fonts with a commercial license at an affordable price.

Best Websites To Download Free Fonts: FAQ

What is the best site to download free fonts?

Google Fonts is a widely recognized website for downloading free fonts and using them on personal and commercial works. It has a collection of over 1000+ fonts that are neatly designed. 

How do I download font online?

You can download fonts for free from any websites like Google Fonts, Dafont, and Font Space. Select the font on these websites and click the download button. It will be quickly downloaded. 

What is the famous font to download?

Some of the famous fons include Helvetica, Times New Roman, Roboto, and Arial. There is still a large collection of famous fonts, and you can choose them based on your requirements. 

These are the best websites to download free fonts for your personal and commercial use. But make sure to read the license carefully for each font you are downloading.

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