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5 Best High Traffic WordPress Hosting Providers

Best High Traffic WordPress Hosting Providers

Looking to scale your website with high traffic WordPress hosting provider? Once your business website starts to grow, then it’s highly recommended to have a high-traffic website hosting provider.

Generally, web hosting has a high impact on website loading speed. So if you are working to improve your website traffic, then it’s important to have a good website hosting for heavy traffic.

Most websites claim themselves as high traffic WordPress hosting provider, but it isn’t able to handle the traffic.

What is High Traffic Website Hosting?

High traffic website hosting is a normal hosting that is designed in a way to handle huge traffic and provide better performance constantly. Every web hosting provider is developed in a way to handle a certain amount of traffic.

Most new business owners go with affordable website hosting. Various affordable website hosting plans also come with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

But they are not designed in a way to handle a large amount of traffic at the same time. Once your business starts to grow, or you will expect unexpected high traffic sometimes, then it’s important to have a high traffic WordPress website hosting.

So that your visitors don’t experience a slow-loading website or a blank white screen when visiting your website.

Let’s say you are setting up an event booking website. So the event ticket will open at a particular time that lets the users book the tickets. But what happens here is that when multiple visitors visit your website at a particular time, then it highly drops in performance and loads very slowly. 

This lets no one book the tickets on your website and highly affects your website performance. Also, when it comes to ecommerce websites, high traffic hosting is the best choice. A fast-loading website improves users’ trust, improves conversion, and reduces bounce rate. 

Importance of High Traffic Website Hosting

Heavy traffic hosting is not low-cost like shared hosting. Generally, you can get good shared hosting for around $3 to $10 per month. But the high traffic hosting comes with VPS, Cloud, or dedicated hosting plans.

This high traffic hosting will cost you more than the Shared hosting, but they provide high value for money. It’s because if your website is getting a good amount of traffic, then having a fast-loading website will improve conversion.

Having a good conversion rate optimization on your website is also important. More conversions ultimately lead to more profits, making you reach your end goal. 

Another advantage of this high traffic hosting plan is that it is mostly managed to host. So with managed hosting, you can simply focus on improving your website traffic while the web hosting provider takes care of security and performance.

List of Best High Traffic WordPress Hosting Providers

With neat research, we have handpicked the best high traffic website hosting providers that are more reliable and have better performance.

1. Cloudways – Cloud Hosting Provider

Cloudways - Reliable Cloud Hosting

Cloudways is a famous cloud hosting provider for every type of business website. It is a robust high traffic WordPress hosting provider that is built for high performance and has a wide variety of hosting options to choose from for your website.

Cloudways hosting provides an option to choose from 5 different cloud hosting platforms: Digital Ocean, Vultr, Linode, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Each platform offers various hosting options, and you can choose them based on your requirements. All their hosting plans are optimized for heavy traffic and higher performance. 

Cloudways hosting comes with free website migration and has automated backups. You can get 24/7 support from their team to solve your queries. As an add-on, you can get enterprise-grade security, Advanced CDN, and performance optimization to improve your website performance. 

Some may ask how much traffic Cloudways hosting can handle. Well, their top plans can easily handle over 1 million monthly traffic. 

2. Fastcomet Hosting – For Performace Focused Websites

Fastcomet - Web Hosting

Fastcomet is a performance-focused website hosting provider for heavy-traffic websites. It is one hosting company that maximizes every aspect of web hosting.

This high traffic hosting has 10+ data centers worldwide, making it convenient for users to choose the nearest data center for a better experience. Fastcomet is a reliable hosting company that supports over 450 content management applications besides WordPress.

On this heavy-traffic hosting provider, you can get a free express website transfer done by their experts without downtime. So you don’t need to worry about migrating your website to Fastcomet hosting. 

Fastcomet has fully managed cloud VPS hosting and managed dedicated servers that are specially designed for large traffic. The hosting panel is powered by cpanel, great customer support, automated backups, server security, speed optimized, and has a money-back guarantee. 

3. DreamHost Hosting – Highly Optimized For WordPress

Dreamhost Web Hosting services

DreamHost is a WordPress-recommended hosting provider that is highly optimized for WordPress. It has a simple-to-use control panel and a complete set of tools to create a better website.

Their basic hosting plan starts from $2.59 per month and has specially designed top-tier hosting packages that will handle heavy traffic.

DreamHost came with managed WordPress hosting and dedicated hosting for heavy-traffic websites. The managed WordPress hosting plans start at $16.95 per month, which includes a free domain and unmetered bandwidth. DreamHost top hosting plans can easily handle over 1 million traffic per month. 

It also comes with specially designed Woocommerce hosting plans for ecommerce websites that can seamlessly handle the high traffic on websites. DreamHost comes with automated backups and built-in caching for better performance.

4. Inmotion Hosting – Highly Fast And Reliable

Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion is a feature-packed website for web hosting providers that has plans for every type of hosting need. It includes various hosting like shared, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, cPanel hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server for high traffic websites.

It is highly fast and reliable, with 99.99% uptime to always keep your website available for users. This hosting also offers free migration done by their experts, allowing us to transfer our site from another hosting easily.

If you are looking for high traffic WordPress hosting, then Inmotion dedicated hosting can also be a great choice. It comes with 1 GBps unmetered bandwidth, free SSL, hack & malware protection, DDoS protection, automatic backups, and complete SSD storage. 

5. Scala Hosting – High Traffic VPS Hosting

Scalahosting Website Hosting Provider

Scala is a famous and popular VPS hosting provider that is specially designed for high traffic websites. If you are looking for powerful VPS hosting for your site, then this suits you perfectly. 

It is a scalable WordPress hosting provider that has the option to custom-build your hosting plan. This cloud hosting is fairly simple to manage, and its servers are optimized for performance. This high traffic website hosting comes with a custom-built control panel named SPanel.

SPanel is developed by their in-house team to manage the dashboard easily and for better security. The SShield provides better security to our website that blocks 99.98% of attacks and also delivers an automatic notification in case of a website hack. 

The top VPS hosting plans on Scala hosting can handle over one million traffic, and it allows you to customize the hosting plans based on your needs.

FAQ on High Traffic WordPress Website Hosting

Can WordPress Websites Handle Heavy Traffic?

WordPress has a high potential to handle high traffic, and various popular websites are created on WordPress. The speed and performance of a website are mostly based on your website hosting. So it’s important to choose a good hosting that has good performance-optimized servers and scalable hosting options. 

Which WordPress hosting is best for unlimited traffic?

WordPress hosting like Cloudways, Fastcomet, Dreamhost, Inmotion hosting, and Scala Hosting is famous for unlimited traffic. More than that, cloud hosting providers like Cloudways charge you as you go. Which means you can pay them based on the resources you have used. 

How much traffic can WordPress hosting handle?

A dedicated WordPress hosting can easily handle 100k+ monthly traffic. Dedicated hosting plans can easily handle 1 million traffic on this top tier. Mostly the 3 types of hosting plans are offered by the hosting companies. That is shared VPS and Dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is for beginners, VPS hosting is for growing websites, and dedicated hosting is for established websites.

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This is the list of the best high traffic WordPress hosting providers that are highly reliable and have scalable hosting plans. These high traffic hosting providers come with great customer support and optimized security functionalities.


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