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7 Best Web Host with Free Website Migration 2023

Best Web Host with Free Website Migration

Are you looking for Web hosting companies that offer free website migration?

Most of the time, beginners will find it difficult to migrate a WordPress website from one hosting to another web hosting. So most web hosting companies offer website migration services. 

Particularly some popular WordPress web hosting companies offer free website migration to their users. So you can migrate your website to other hosts without spending any money.

There could be various reasons you need to switch hosting providers. Hence we have handpicked some of the best free website migration hosting providers.

On these free hosting migration providers, you can seamlessly move websites from any web hosting. Doing a site transfer manually can be time-consuming and involves tech knowledge that can also lead to downtime of your website.

So we don’t recommend beginners to do site migration manually if they don’t need any downtime or migration error. The simple way is to let the migration experts move the website free from the host. 

Thus moving a website to a new web host is easier with the below-listed web hosting services. 

List Of Web Host With Free Website Migration

WordPress powers over 40% of websites in the world. It’s because of the flexibility of wordpress to make every type of website possible. It allows beginners to create a website in a few minutes. 

The other major advantage of it is the WordPress hosting offered by various companies. These WordPress-optimized hosting providers allow you to install wordpress in one click and let you launch your website in a quick time. 

Let’s take a look at the list of best WordPress hosting companies that offer free website migration. 

1. Hostinger – Free Migration Hosting

Hostinger Free Migration Hosting

Hostinger is a well-known web hosting provider that powers over 2 million websites around the world. Here the WordPress migration experts will move the website free from your old web host provider. 

Many hosting providers only provide one free website migration and charge for the second website transfer. But that’s not the case in Hostinger migration.

You can get unlimited website migration for free. You can simply set up the migration request, and their migration experts will take care of the website transfer to Hostinger. 

This migration is quickly done by experts, and your site remains online during the migration. They have amazing support to answer your queries to have a great free website migration experience. 

Hostinger has great chat support from real people, and the support team is highly knowledgeable. You have to simply pick the desired hosting plan and submit a migration request; then, the migration will be done. Once the migration is completed, you will receive mail. 

Hostinger plans start from $1.99 per month. All the Hostinger plans come with SSD storage to boost the website’s performance. It also has a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can buy the hosting worry-free. If you want an amazing web host with free migration who can easily transfer your WordPress site, then Hostinger is the best to go with. 

2. Inmotion HostingFree Website Migration

Inmotion Free Website Migration

Inmotion is a reliable hosting service in the industry that provides a variety of web hosting services suitable for every type of business need. It includes shared hosting, reseller, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated servers, and also buy domains.

You can simply buy the desired hosting plans and easily get your easy web host migration. Their migration experts will transfer your website to Inmotion hosting with zero downtime that doesn’t keep your customer away.

Inmotion is one of the highly suitable hostings for small businesses. Their hosting plans also start from as low as $2.99, including free domain and SSL. Get the smooth web migration service from Inmotion for sites and email that saves time and business. 

It also offers multiple methods to transfer your website from another web host. 

3. Namecheap Hosting – Migrate WordPress Site

Namecheap Migrate WordPress Site

Namecheap is a standard hosting company that offers website hosting at affordable prices. This hosting service is great for small businesses and has fully scalable options with powerful dedicated servers. 

You can simply buy a hosting plan and open a ticket to submit the website migration request. Once the request is submitted, their migration experts will access your site migration needs and move the website to the new hosting. 

Namecheap migration team will ensure a smooth website transfer and let you know once the migration is complete. If your website has a decent amount of traffic, you may think that downtime may affect your conversion. Then you can request the migration team to schedule the migration at a time that receives less traffic. 

4. GreenGeeks – Free Site Migration

GreenGeeks Free Site Migration

GreenGeeks is a popular hosting that highly promotes green energy. This web hosting company plants a tree for every hosting account. 

It is a highly reliable web hosting provider that offers free website migration. Their migration experts will move the website free to their web host. 

Greengeeks has WordPress-optimized hosting with great uptime and a better WordPress experience. It includes multiple tools, enchanted security, and developer-friendly options to maximize your website.

This free website migration hosting has a stable hosting platform that is highly scalable and provides expert customer support. 

To have a quick free web transfer, you must simply sign up with the GreekGeeks hosting and provide your old web hosting login credentials to the GreenGeeks. Then just sit back and enjoy while their migration experts are moving the website to a new web host. 

If you need reliable website hosting with free website migration that also promotes green energy, then it is great to go with GreenGeeks hosting.

5. DreamHost – Web Hosting services

Dreamhost Web Hosting services

Dreamhost is a WordPress-recommended hosting provider with over 20 years of experience in this field. It is home to more than 1.5 million websites which makes them one of the industry experts. 

It provides fast and secure web hosting services at a low cost. Dreamhost offers website migration as a pro service which you need to pay extra for the website transfer.

But for WordPress hosting, they have a free Dreamhost automated migration plugin that allows you to migrate your WordPress website to transfer to new web hosting. So without any hustle, you can manually transfer your website to a new web host with your hands.

Their support team also will help you along the process. It has great uptime and includes multiple security functionalities to keep your website safe. 

6. Fastcomet Hosting – Website Migration Services

Fastcomet Website Migration Services

Fastcomet is a performance-optimized web Hosting that takes extra functionalities to make every website load faster. It is integrated with various server caches and multiple website-related tools to run a successful website.

This Fastcomet hosting offers seamless free website migration services done by their experts. You can get an express professional website transfer without experiencing downtime.

It also provides free domain transfer from the old host and a free one-year domain renewal after the domain transfer. Fastcomet hosting Litespeed Enterprise web server that provides faster loading time. 

The free migration hosting has important security functionalities like DDoS protection, account isolation, IP reputation filtering, web application firewall, anti-spam email security, and regular backups to keep your website future-proof.

7. Scala Hosting – Website Hosting Provider

Scala Website Hosting Provider

Scala hosting is yet another reliable web hosting company that provides free website migration by experts. This web hosting service is trusted by various top brands and has highly scalable features. 

Their WordPress hosting starts from $2.95 per month, which includes regular backups, free SSL, and complete SSD storage to improve the website’s performance. Scala hosting is highly known for its managed VPS hosting that provides better performance, highly reliable, and great support with a 30-second chat response time. 

This web hosting offers fast website migration for free. Their experts will handle the migration process seamlessly, which doesn’t let your customers face any downtime. The effortless website migration process is done by real humans, who ensure fast and painless transfer. 

FAQ on Free Website Migration:

What is free migration in hosting?

Migration is the process of transferring website files from one server to another. Website Migration is generally a transfer of your website from one hosting provider to another hosting provider. The migration process involves a bit of technical knowledge, and migration failure can cause more damage to your business. So many hosting providers offer this migration service done by their experts for free. They can transfer the website to a new web hosting as smoothly as possible.

Does hostinger offer free migration?

Yes, Hostinger is a popular web hosting that provides free website migration to their hosting. Simply submit the migration request on hostinger, and their experts will move your site for free. You can also get unlimited website migration with hostinger hosting.

How much does it cost to migrate a website?

Various hosting companies charge from $50 to $300 for migrating your website. But the above-mentioned web hostings companies like Hostinger, Inmotion hosting, Scala hosting, and Fastcomet hosting provide for free of cost.

Can I migrate my site manually?

Migrating a website is not difficult, but it involves a bit of technical knowledge. If technical things on the website are not your cup of tea, then it’s always better to leave it to the migration experts. It’s because a small error can lead to more downtime. And also, it’s important to have a regular backup. 

Best Web Host with Free Website Migration: Wrap Up

These best web hosting services offer free website migration that helps transfer your website to the new web host.

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