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7 Best WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugins For WordPress Stores

Best WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugins For WordPress Stores

Dropshipping plugins is a rapidly growing ecommerce category as shown in many studies. It makes ecommerce accessible for many and it empowers businesses minded people to get started with dropshipping guides.

If you plan to set up a website whether by yourself or through the help of some website development companies and start your dropshipping journey, WooCommerce is an excellent open-source platform for ecommerce businesses, including dropshipping stores.

To improve your experience of using WooCommerce, here are seven of the best WooCommerce dropshipping plugins you can use for your WordPress store.

1. DropshipMe

One of the best and top choices of a plugin for many dropshipping businesses interested in this line of work would be DropshipMe.

Many drop shippers are sourcing their products from AliExpress, so if you’re the same way, DropshipMe is an excellent choice. If AliExpress is going to be your only source for dropshipping items, then this will be your go-to plugin.

What’s excellent about DropShipMe is that you don’t have to scour AliExpress to find a great supplier. They have already done the work for you by providing high-quality products and reputable suppliers, so you don’t have to do that part of setting up your dropshipping business.

They have a diverse set of products to choose from, as well. So, if you have a specific niche you’re serving, this is a great place to start.

Also, you can directly import these products to your WooCommerce store without much issue. Given these reasons, it makes for a plugin that is easy to set up and beginner-friendly. If this sounds like the plugin for you, you can get it for free or for a price of up to $199.

2. Ezusy

Another excellent choice for starting your dropshipping store would be Ezusy. Just like DropshipMe, Ezusy is also reasonably easy to set up, as you need to connect your store to it by including a link to your store. After that, you will use the Ezusy app to import all the products you want for your store.

If your shop is going to expand, you can start adding to your expenses as an ecommerce store with this plugin, which will be worth it for its usability and as an investment into your business. The pricing tier for this app is as follows:

  • FREE
  • BASIC PLAN: $9.90/month
  • PRO PLAN (Their Recommended): $19.90/month
  • UNLIMITED: $29.90/month

You can also head over to Ezusy’s website to find their user guide, a tutorial they made to help drop shippers using their app.

Another similarity that Ezusy has with DropshipMe is that they also primarily use AliExpress as a source for their products you may want to import. Therefore, if you seek alternatives to DropshipMe, you might want to consider Ezusy for its more straightforward and accessible way of use.

According to some reviews of this plugin, their customer service is pretty good, so if you encounter any issues, don’t hesitate to contact their customer support.

3. WooShark

You don’t only have to source your items from AliExpress, even though they’re a reliable and popular choice for many people in the dropshipping world. If you want more diverse access to suppliers, WooShark is one solution worth trying.

If you’re interested in knowing what other marketplaces they cater to, then here are some of them:

  • WooShark for AliExpress and WooCommerce
  • WooShark for AliExpress, eBay, Amazon, and Etsy
  • WooShark dropshipping, affiliated with WooCommerce and eBay

You don’t even have to set up a dropshipping store from scratch with WooShark because they have ready-made stores that you can use. They are even included with the products that are high in demand so you can get started as soon as possible.

Another feature that WooShark offers is that you can set up multiple stores with their services without setting up different licenses. Therefore, if you want to work in different niches, you can do so easily.

You might also want to check out WooShark’s IRivYou feature or solution, which can help you have reviews on your products already.

These reviews don’t spawn out of thin air, as they are reviews from AliExpress or Amazon that you import onto your WooCommerce store so that it can compel potential customers to buy from you. After all, many people don’t buy items that don’t have reviews yet.

4. Spocket for WooCommerce

Automation in how you work is crucial to speeding things up, which is vital for dropshipping businesses. That’s why finding a way to access US and EU suppliers in the most quick and simple way possible is something you need and which Spocket for WooCommerce provides.

If you don’t want to get your suppliers from Asia due to the inconvenience, you can get suppliers from the US or EU instead. With Spocket for WooCommerce, contacting these suppliers is much easier as they’re all in one place with this plugin.

They also carefully vet their merchants or suppliers, so you don’t have to worry as much about bogus suppliers when you look through their options.

Some features of Spocket that many users like are that many of its suppliers are fast shippers, so your customers can get their products as quickly as possible. They even provide free samples sometimes to see whether the products are up to your quality.

As for their customer service, they offer a prompt response as well, so you can rely on them if you encounter questions or issues while using their plugin. If this plugin interests you, expect to pay anywhere from $24/per month to as much as $79/per month.

5. Syncee

Most of the time, when talking about a dropshipping business, you would assume that the business model is B2C or business-to-consumer. However, if you want to cater to the B2B or business-to-business model, Syncee is an excellent choice and compatible with WooCommerce.

You can access plenty of high-profit and ready-to-sell products on this platform, and their suppliers are from all over the world and not just one place. This plugin is perfect for small and large businesses because of its scalability.

With that said, the price point for Syncee would be the following:

  • STARTER PLAN: $0/month
  • BASIC: $29/month
  • PRO (Their Recommended): $49/month
  • BUSINESS: $99/month

Their customer support is also present, so you won’t feel left hanging when you encounter an issue with their plugin. However, there may be only times when you could communicate with customer support from them.

Syncee also automatically updates you on whether items are out-of-stock, how many variations there are available of the product, and so on. That way, you can decide your preferences regarding the items you’re selling for your dropshipping business. That’s why many of its users appreciate just how customizable things are so you can personalize them.

6. MonsterInsights

So far, most of the plugins we’ve covered here are all related to you setting up and establishing a drop shipping business in general. However, some parts of running a dropshipping business don’t only have to do with setting this up. That’s where MonsterInsights can be of use to you.

Having ready access to crucial data allows you to better analyze said data for your marketing strategy and business strategy for your dropshipping business. With MonsterInsights, you can better understand what’s working and what’s not in your store by checking out the data and analytics themselves.

It helps consolidate the data from Google Analytics so that you can access them quickly and check if things are going well at any time. You can evaluate the overall performance of your website, but you can also go into the minutiae of it and check out your product pages and how they’re performing overall.

One thing to note is that MonsterInsights is free, but you need to pay for it to access some of the specific analytics you need to improve your business. However, if you consider it an investment in your business, the price may be worth it. They can give you timely reports, and you can act on them as soon as possible.

7. Abandoned Cart

There are a few essential plugins for small business websites that you should have to succeed. Still, if you’re interested in investing in another one that targets a specific issue, you should try Abandoned Cart.

Abandoned Cart allows you to send follow-up emails to your customers when they leave something behind in their shopping cart.

You can use Abandoned Cart to leverage email marketing in your dropshipping business by contacting customers and reminding them that they’ve left items in the cart. You can even let them know that things they’ve abandoned in their cart are up for sale, or you can give them a discount to encourage them to pursue the purchase.

It’s a great way of reeling them back in or keeping your shop top of mind as much as possible so that you cannot completely lose out on a customer.

This plugin makes it easier for you to track these emails and make them while sending them out to your potential customers. That way, you can quickly and efficiently create these email campaigns.


These plugins are all helpful in their specific ways when starting a dropshipping business, so try them out for yourself next time. If you want to set up a dropshipping store, these plugins are something that you should check out.



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