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8 Essential WordPress Plugins For Reviews And Testimonials

It’s always a good idea to showcase positive reviews on your website to get more customers or clients. One way to make it easy to do that feature into your website is with the help of these WordPress plugins explicitly created for that purpose. Check them out.

1. Smash Balloon’s Reviews Feed Pro

If you want to consolidate all the customer reviews of your business from various review sites, then Smash Balloon’s Reviews Feed Pro is the choice for you. Some websites it can pull its reviews from are Facebook, Google, WordPress, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and more. Therefore, you can use this plugin if you already have pages on these platforms.

You can modify how you want the layout and design of the reviews feed to be with its Feed Creation Wizard feature. You can use their Live preview to let you know how it could look on your site before you entirely put it into your website.

Aside from these features, Smash Balloon also knows that you should pay special attention to the page speed since some review feeds can load your site. Therefore, they have a speed optimizer feature to ensure that your page speed isn’t as affected should you install their plugin.

To avoid any troubles regarding your site’s compliance with data privacy, they also ensure that their plugin is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant.

The price for this plugin starts as low as $49/year.

2. WP Review Pro

Any website can benefit from showcasing customer testimonials and reviews, but product pages in ecommerce stores would need those on their site. A high-converting ecommerce web design should allow customers to leave a review, which may be why the WP Review Pro is a review plugin you would want to install for your website.

WP Review Pro has a popup and push notification feature that will show reviews of certain products at the right time to your potential customers. That may prompt them to consider viewing or buying said product.

Aside from product reviews coming out from popups, WP Review Pro can also do comment review sections per product page. You can even get a summary of the product’s average rating for everyone else to see. You can also add product comparison tables to your product pages so that your customers can find the best product on your site.

This plugin can also bring up reviews from other places, such as your Facebook Page, your Google Places reviews, Yelp reviews, and more.

This review plugin will start at $19 per year, but it also offers a free option for its essential features.

3. WP Customer Reviews

As mentioned before, having customer reviews is essential for eCommerce websites as it’s one of the best ways to encourage others to bite the bullet and become paying customers. That’s why plugins like WP Customer Reviews are great because they let you add the feature of a customer review section on your site.

If you’re looking for a plugin that’s available for free to help add customer reviews, then WP Customer Reviews offers just that. It has a spotless and straightforward interface for the reviews. It’s a great review plugin if you prefer that people leave reviews themselves on your site. It will be collating all of that and helping you moderate these reviews.

However, it’s still pretty bare-bones, so you may need some knowledge of HTML or CSS if you ever want to modify its look based on your preference.

The plugin’s price is free, so it doesn’t have as many features.

4. Strong Testimonials

Strong Testimonials is another popular WordPress plugin for adding reviews and testimonials to your website.

Just like many of the other review plugins on this list, this review plugin can import reviews from different places like the ones brought up here. Still, some other extras in this article that haven’t been brought up before would be from Zomato, Google My Business, and WooCommerce.

You can also manually input the testimonials, or you can have users add their testimonials as a submission to your site that you review before posting. They also provide an anti-spam filter if you accept user submissions for reviews on your site so that you avoid getting spam submissions clogging up your review submissions.

This plugin would start as low as $29/year.

5. Testimonial Slider

Testimonial Slider is another noteworthy WordPress plugin for showcasing your testimonials throughout your website.

This plugin’s testimonial feed is available primarily in two layouts: the grid layout and the slider layout. You can also create shortcodes of particular testimonials or reviews so you can then insert these specific testimonials in the right places on your website if you want.

It has a free and a pro version for its paid features. The paid features would add more layout, format, and design customizability. If you want to include video testimonials on your web pages, you can do that with Testimonial Slider, as they have video support for both Vimeo and YouTube videos.

The price of this plugin is as low as $24 per year for its Pro version, but it also has a free version that you can try out.

6. WordPress Business Reviews

Rich Plugins’ WordPress Business Reviews Bundle plugin is a minimalist review plugin that you can use if the channel you want to import reviews from will be from the websites it has available.

It can also compile the reviews from various review sites and post them on your site while averaging the entire score you have from all the reviews into one score as a summary. It has a Powerful Collections Builder that enables you to organize the reviews it gathered better so that you can hide empty reviews, style your reviews how you want, and more.

The price of this plugin is as low as $120/year, but if you only want a few reviews from one site, then the Free plan is enough.

7. Stars Testimonials

For a go-to review feed that adds your usual star rating and all, the Stars Testimonials plugin is a pretty attractive review feed worth trying. It has many features you can expect from a review feed, such as the ability to import reviews, create shortcodes of your specific testimonials, edit checks, and many more.

As for the pricing, they have a free version, but their cheapest pricing in the Premium tier starts at $25/year. Their Pro features offer a lot more customizability to the reviews and allow you to add unlimited testimonials.

8. Easy Testimonials

Last but not least on the list would be the Easy Testimonials plugin. This review or testimonial plugin’s specialty is allowing for frontend submissions of testimonials. You can still input some testimonials manually in the admin panel. While collecting customer feedback, you might consider installing a WordPress survey plugin in conjunction with it.

You can get the free version, but its pro version is also available for a starting price of around $99/year.


These WordPress plugins are an excellent choice whenever you need to display the reviews and testimonials for your service that you’ve gathered over the years. Consider using and installing these plugins to showcase customer reviews conveniently on your website.



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