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A Detailed Article on Shopify Security and Enhancement Tips for your eCommerce Store

E-Commerce is the most rapidly growing industry today, and this growth has gained momentum with the ongoing global pandemic, which slowed down almost every industry. Today, people can shop from anywhere globally with just a click or a tap of their finger conducting commercial transactions online and making purchases from any part of the globe. 

Mobile commerce, online marketing, digital transactions, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, inventory management systems, and automated data collecting systems are just a few of the technologies that can be used in e-commerce.

But with this rapid growth and development comes the risk and threats as well. E-commerce Shopify security concerns are wreaking havoc on online transactions. Some hackers and cybercriminals usually target e-commerce stores, users’ data, and employees using numerous malicious techniques. 

The E-commerce threat is occurring by using the internet for illegal means with the sole purpose of theft, fraud, and security breach that result in heavy losses for businesses. There are countless types of e-commerce threats that loom the internet today. Though some are purely accidental and unintentional, there are those which are purposeful and targeted. 

It is challenging to talk about security practices without first addressing the security issues that plague this industry, and when it comes to security, Shopify is not only the most recommended but a highly rated security system as well. They meet all the standards and help secure your website. 

Shopify Security Tips for Your eCommerce Store

1) Financial credential

The first and most important threat you need to be aware of is the risk of financial fraud that usually persists with online payments. Transaction Fraud occurs when a financial transaction is completed using stolen data or a payment card without the user’s knowledge. 

In today’s eCommerce world’s real-time transactions, there is a rise in transaction frauds that pose a huge security challenge. Faster transactions have amplified the probability of fraudulent transactions. 

A payment is highlighted as fraudulent when a cardholder’s authorizations are used online without the data owner’s knowledge. If a user’s credit card, debit card, or bank information is stolen from your website, you not only lose them as a customer, but you may also potentially face legal action. 

With Shopify, you do not have to worry about the financial credentials of your users because they would be protected and secured from any targeted attack.

2) Make sure to invest in an SSL certificate

SSL certificates these days are not only important but supremely essential for online business owners especially for Shopify security. If you do not know what an SSL certificate is, let us give you a short understanding of this security feature. 

SSL certificate, short for Secure Socket Layer, is extensively used to protect and encrypt data and information from hackers and other cyber attackers. Secure Socket Layer certificate offers a safe and trustworthy transmission layer that protects your data from going into the wrong hands.

With an SSL certificate, all communication between your website and the server is encrypted and protected against hacking. SSL protects your in-transit website communications and your user’s data like credit information, bank credentials, and other financial information from hackers. 

When choosing an SSL certificate, you can choose a cheap SSL from ClickSSL as it is considered one of the best SSL certificate providers online.   

3) Protect your user’s data 

As an online eCommerce business, you collect a lot of customer data, from personal information to financial details stored in a database. As an online business owner, it should be your prime focus to protect this data at any cost. Put tools and systems in place with the sole purpose of protecting this precious data from falling into the wrong hands.

Failure to do the needful could result in a catastrophic data breach or a data theft that could compromise your users’ confidential information, and they would put your business at fault. This Shopify security would also lead to your business losing its reputation in the industry and the market. Shopify can help you protect this data from attackers by implementing numerous measures at a place. These systems not only prevent data theft by also alerts you in case of any breach.

4) Securing and preventing fraud

Fraud transactions are a serious threat for any online business, and they could be potentially disastrous for your website. For example, when a purchase or a transaction is made online using the financial credentials of someone without their knowledge, it is considered a fraud transaction.

The victim here would not only avoid doing business with you in the future but would also blame you for not having enough safety measures to prevent such fraud. But all this can easily be prevented by simply having Shopify as your online security. Shopify has a strong built-in fraud detection and analysis for all merchants that can even flag suspected frauds to cross-check the transaction again, thereby preventing financial and transaction fraud.

5) Securing the admin

Not all threats are external; some are internal as well. For example, your website’s admin section must be secured and protected from brute force attacks. If someone is to access the admin account, they get unrestricted access to everything from financial data to user data and information. Shopify security prevents this from happening by having a back-end that is safe and secured. Shopify also includes a number of other security features that safeguard your website from brute force assaults by authenticating admin access. 

6) Secure Shopify’s Theme

Speaking of Shopify Security, you must have heard about Shopify’s in-demand theme called “Boom-One Product Multipurpose” theme. The theme is popular due to its robust design, multipurpose usability, drag and drop builder, unlimited grid style, mobile optimization, single-click installation, reliable support, multilingual support, SEO optimized results, etc. are a few amazing features of this popular theme. Also, it comes with 6 months of support and future updates. This theme will be your best choice for your Shopify store in all aspects. 

To conclude on Shopify Security& Enhancement

While the threats on the internet are not getting any less with each passing day, as an online business owner, you can take preventive steps to avoid and stay protected from cybercriminals, hackers, and attackers. Though the internet has been a blessing in disguise for doing business, the risks keep growing. Therefore, you need to focus on cybersecurity and protect your website and your user’s data from going into the wrong hands.

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