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5 Of The Best WordPress Content Protection Plugins

5 Of The Best WordPress Content Protection Plugins

WordPress is a widespread CMS for a lot of websites in the world with millions of users. But do you know the fact that around 4.7 million websites are hacked per year?

And That’s why, You should buy hosting from a reliable hosting company only.

As a part of this, one can copy your valuable content and images without your permission. 

A lot of WordPress users and content creators are worried about the protection of their content from Hackers, plagiarism, and misuse.

As a WordPress user, you don’t have to worry about that because there are many things you can do to protect your content.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the 5 Best WordPress Content Protection Plugins that help to prevent your website from unauthorized content usage and scamming that promise you the future protection of your content.  

These are the most efficient apps that are used by a lot of WordPress users to protect their websites and give additional security to their on-demand content.

They are

  1. WP content copy protection shield
  2. Secure Copy content protection
  3. Smart content protector
  4. Opt.In content locker.
  5. Passster 

One thing I would like to say here is If you just want to disable the right click to protect your content from copying, then you can do it for free. 

But, If you want more than that for content protection, then we are making a list of useful wordpress plugins that can protect your content in a more advanced manner.

1. WP content copy protection shield

This is one of the most trusted plugins rated by WordPress users. The main feature of this plugin is that it will prevent right-clicking of your content, which is used by content theft to copy your content and images.

Its text selection tools prevent copying the text from your article and misuse as it’s one of the common ways used by the malware. It offers you additional protection.

 You also don’t have to worry if someone copies your images on your content to their desktop; this plugin prevents the dragging and dropping of your visual content. 

Other than that, its watermark feature adds watermarks to all the images on your website, which make it difficult for unauthorized usage of your pictures and copying. 

Therefore, you can use your personalized watermarks on your websites and prevent misuse. Furthermore, it prevents the usage of keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+P)

Also, give a pop-up message when some other user tries to intrigue into your website by blocking them. It also makes sure of secured login access.

Key features.

  • It Prevents right-clicking and content protection.
  • Prevents dragging and dropping of images and text selection.
  • Usage of Customized Watermarks.
  • It Blocks the usage of keyboard shortcuts.
  • Shows alert messages for blocking intriguing users and suspicious activities.
  • Protection of chosen pages and post


It comes with 3 pricing models; These are Lite, Pro, and Pro Max. Lite is a free plan, while Pro costs $49/month and Pro Max costs $99/month.

You can explore this plugin by clicking here

2. Secure Copy content protection

It is a user-friendly plugin that can be used both on desktops and mobile phones to protect your content from content theft and plagiarism. It blocks the access of certain IP(s) with one click, thereby offering you double protection.

Blocking the content with a password is the most useful feature that attracts users.

 You can copy your short cord and paste it into your preferred post and schedule the timings of blocking. It also prevents your website from incoming requests. 

Other than these features, it provides watermark images, payment through PayPal, and protection by the role of users, thereby enabling protection.

 It also helps you to block the most demanded articles only to your subscribers, thereby enhancing your content quality. As a considered app, it also guarantees money back if the user is unsatisfied with the product.

Key features

  • It Blocks the preferred IP to provide additional security.
  • Protection by roles of users.
  • Password protection of contents, thereby customizing the efficiency.
  • Payment through PayPal as it is one of the most secure paywalls.
  • Blocking of APIs
  • Watermark images for branding and protection.


It is available in both free and paid versions with more securable features. Also, Paid version is available in two plans.

One is a business that costs about $39 as a one-time payment; the Other plan is a developer, which costs about $103 as a one-time payment.

Both paid plans have their benefits. One can go with any plan with the required needs.

Click Here to download their free version.

3. Smart content protector

The next tool in our Best WordPress Content Protection plugin list is Smart Content Protector.

It is the most developed plugin with a lot of unique features that protect your content and images from duplication. 

It supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and other similar applications. Its image protection feature prevents your original image from dragging and disables the view and copying.

This plugin protects the image using image watermarks and a responsive lightbox. 

Mouse Right click for images, HTML5 videos/audio, and contents are prevented by giving the users alert messages, thereby making the users more aware of the security of their website. 

It also has a unique feature that will help you to block those users who have copied or trying to copy your content so; They can not try to reaccess your website.

Now, This feature will be very useful for you because you can restrict the IP from your website so that they can’t copy or try to copy your content next time.

Key features

  • It prevents right-clicking.
  • Block dragging and dropping of images, texts, and links.
  • Restrictions of intriguing IPs.
  • Image protection through watermarks and responsive lightbox.
  • Prevention of website loading when JavaScript is disabled.


It’s available only in pro versions; it’s a one-time payment of $29, where you get all its features. 

Click Here to get this plugin from their official website.

4. Opt. In content locker

Opt. in Content Locker is one of the most advanced and feature-rich tools under the Best WordPress Content Protection Plugins list.

It helps to lock your content and makes it accessible only to subscribed users. It works with an in-built CSS3 AJAX-driven opt-in form making it more efficient. 

It has multiple locking options, which helps lock certain pages, texts, and images, which is one of its unique features. 

Users can use this plugin to translate any language to any language.

Its soft locker mode enables the blocking of contents to the users through Javascript but makes it available to search engines.

One of the features of this plugin is, It provides universal analytics, which you can use to increase the quality of the content.

Key features

  • In-built CSS3 AJAX-driven opt-in form.
  • Customization of content.
  • It has a Soft locker mode using Javascript.
  • Availability of multiple locking options.
  • It helps with the newsletter system.
  • They are adding more value to subscribed users by providing accessibility to highly rated content.
  • Easy installation and language friendly.


It’s available in both free and premium versions: the regular license costs 17$, and an extended license costs around 85$.

Click Here to go to this plugin’s website and explore it.

5. Passster: Password Protect Pages and Content

Passster is one of the most used plugins which works on ACF, widgets, and block editors. 

Its password protection helps users to customize their page builder, which is one of the unique features that it provides.

You can use multiple protection for the content, such as password lists or Google reCAPTCHA and hCAPTCHA, to make it difficult for content thieves to misuse your article. 

Its specific features, like right-click prevention, no copy-paste, and no drag-and-drop features, enhance the function ability of this application. 

Its protection layout is undeniable. its availability of both free and premium features makes it more convenient for users.

Key features

  • Usage of multiple passwords for content protection
  • Tracking of usage and intriguing Ips
  • Using cookies for customization
  • No copy-paste, no drag-and-drop feature to secure the content.
  • It encrypts the URLs for sharing access to subscribed users.
  • Protecting the content through SHA-2 passwords gives your website extra protection.


It’s available in both free and pro versions with different features—the most affordable paid plan cost about $79.99.

Click Here to go to this plugin’s website to download it for free.


These content protector plugins are the best way to protect your content from getting copied. There are Free as well as paid versions of these plugins are available.

In most of these plugins, the Free version only includes disabling the right click and other shortcut keys, Which can help in most cases.

But, Paid version provides almost all types of content protection, so it safeguards your website’s content in all possible manner.

But if you are facing a content duplication problem, then I highly recommend using any Free Plugin first.

Free plugins will help you with content protection, but if you see your content duplication is still happening, then you might go with any of these paid plugins.

I hope you liked the article. If there is something you want to know or let us know, then please comment below. We will love to discuss it in the comment section.



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