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How to Choose The Best Shopify themes for Single Product Websites? (With theme suggestions)

Choose The Best Shopify themes for Single Product Websites

If you are creating an exclusive online store for any particular product, then it’s important to choose the best Shopify themes for single product websites.

Your single product Shopify store deserves a website design that’s as special as your product. A good website design combines beauty with efficiency.

It delivers high performance while giving your eCommerce store a pleasing appearance. This is especially important for single-product Shopify stores of small businesses.

If you want to launch a single product eCommerce website, you need to choose its theme carefully. While there are many single-product templates available in the market, not all of them can deliver a good performance.

Are you wondering how you can find the best Shopify themes for single-product websites for your one-product store? Don’t worry. Just follow the tips given below.

Shopify Themes for Single Product Websites – Requirements

Design excellence:

Your one product store website needs to look attractive. There’s no other option. Whichever Single Product Shopify Theme you use, it needs to make your website look modern and appealing. And this visual appeal should match your product niche. So don’t just go by hearsay. Check the design of the theme yourself before purchasing it.

Product display features:

Your one-product website template must have multiple attention-grabbing ways to display your products. This includes product display in Grid or List View or through responsive sliders, carousels, Quick View pop-ups, banners, etc. The best Shopify themes for single-product stores come with Mega Menu with image support. So you can even display your featured products or deal in your navigation menu. Check the product display features of the Shopify One Product Store Theme you are considering.


No website can succeed without proper optimization. A thoroughly optimized theme can play a significant role in your single product Shopify store’s success on search engines. So, whichever theme you choose, it should be search engine optimized, mobile optimized, speed optimized, and compatible with all popular browsers. It should make your website user-friendly and easy to navigate. Try to find out how well the theme is optimized before buying it.

Drag and drop builder:

Check whether the Shopify theme for single product stores supports Drag & Drop builder. Drag & Drop sections add to the flexibility of the web design. They put you in control of your website’s layout. All the best Shopify themes now support Drag & Drop builders. So you must check this before you select a theme.


Besides the Drag & Drop builder, the theme you choose should give you a flexible single product website template. You should be able to customize its various elements without touching a line of code. You should be able to change the typography, use icons, adjust the color scheme, and design your single product eCommerce website as you wish.


This is also an important criterion. Your ecommerce store must be able to grow with your business. You may start as a one product business but include more products in your catalog later. So, your theme must have the adaptability to support a multi-product eCommerce website.

Blog and pages such as About Us and Contact are also essential. Your single product website theme should be able to support all these.

Technical Support:

Even the most experienced web developer working with the best website themes may need technical support. So before you purchase a Shopify theme, make sure it is backed by a dedicated technical support team.

You can check all this by going through the theme’s demo content and reviews. And always buy website themes from reputed theme developers and trusted marketplaces.

To help you find the best Shopify theme for your single product Shopify store, here’s our quick list of seven fantastic single product Shopify themes. All these themes are meticulously coded as per the latest web technologies.

They are optimized to work fast and efficiently. These single-page Shopify themes are also search engine optimized and mobile-friendly.

They can give your product ecommerce store a fantastic look and advanced features to boost your business.

All these themes support features such as Drag and Drop Shopify sections, Mega Menu, Ajax functionalities, Blog, social media integration, Newsletters, sliders, carousels, Font Awesome Icons, and Google Web Fonts.

7 Best Shopify Themes For Single Product Websites

1) Boom – One Product Electronics Shopify Theme

Boom One Product Electronics Shopify Theme

Boom is a modern and stylish theme for one product, Shopify stores. Its crisp typography, layouts, and color schemes give it a trendy appearance. This one-page Shopify theme gives you many stylish ways to feature your product. You can also embed featured videos and blog posts on the Homepage.

Boom is an excellent theme for one-product stores of electronics such as earphones, music players, iPods, smart watches, and health bands. This trendy website theme can also work well for teen fashion, fashion accessories, and sports equipment

2. Escoot – Single Product Shopify Theme

Escoot Single Product Shopify Theme

Escoot is a unique Shopify one-product store theme. It has brilliantly designed modern page layouts. Like the other themes in this list, it supports Mega Menu. It also supports Vertical Menu. Its features include Font Awesome Icons, Parallax effects, animations, and Recent Sale Pop-ups. Escoot single store theme also has a powerful product hotspot feature. This feature helps the customers to check out the product highlights.

This one-product store theme is suitable for e-scooters, bicycles, skateboards, and other sports equipment. This versatile Shopify theme can also fit one product in ecommerce stores for clothes, gadgets, travel accessories, adventure tour equipment, music players, sound recorders, and more.

3. Virtux – One Product Store Shopify Theme

Virtux One Product Store Shopify Theme

This Shopify one-product store theme is exceptionally versatile. You can use it to give your online gadget store a futuristic look. You can also use it to create an elegant eCommerce store for beauty products. If you are looking for a single-product website inspiration, then the Demo of this theme can give you an excellent one-product Shopify store example. This feature-packed theme lets you showcase your products in several ways. You can use Star Ratings, Product Reviews, featured product videos, testimonials, and more such excellent features to attract greater sales.

Virtux is designed for cutting-edge gadgets such as VR glasses, smartwatches, smartphones, smart jewelry, and health bands. But its powerful customization options make it suitable for any one product store.

4. Bikez – Bike Shop, Cycle Single Product Shopify Theme

Bikez Bike Shop Cycle Single Product Shopify Theme

This single-product website template is ideal for giving your eCommerce store a young and trendy feel. Its cheerful color schemes are sure to appeal to teenagers and young adults. Its features include stylish sliders, carousels, a Recent Sale Pop-up, Sticky Menu, Icons, and a Product Hotspot feature. This single-page Shopify theme has subtle hover effects and animations. Overall, it has a pleasant and uncluttered look. Its readymade Demo presents a one-product Shopify store example.

Bikez is ideal for one-product eCommerce stores of bicycles, sports bikes, skates, skateboards, hoverboards, and other sports equipment. You can also use this Shopify one-product store theme to sell exercise machines, fitness equipment, apparel, handmade products, handicraft items, electronics, etc

If you are looking for Beauty Shopify Themes, here is a list of 27+ Best Beauty Shopify Themes

5. Xcop – One Page Entertainment Shopify Theme

Xcop One Page Entertainment Shopify Theme

If you are looking for a unique design for single product website inspiration, then look no further. Xcop one product store theme has all you need for a website that stands apart from the crowd. With gorgeously smooth transitions and animation, color schemes that seem to glow, stylish icons, and bold typography, this single-product website theme pops with a unique style.

While Xcop is designed for one-page entertainment websites, it can fit any single product store. You can use it to create an online store for music albums, musical instruments, music bands, nightclubs, discos, photographers, videographers, decorative lighting fixtures, etc. Just check out this theme’s demo if you are hunting for a gorgeous one-product Shopify store example. You will find the web design truly unique and imaginative.

6. Ooty – Organic Tea Store Shopify Theme

Ooty Organic Tea Store Shopify Theme

The single product Shopify templates mentioned above can be used for gadgets, clothes, sports equipment, exercise accessories, etc. But if you want a single-product food Shopify theme, then Ooty is the one for you. The features of this top-quality theme include video embed on the Homepage, brand logos, testimonials, flexible page layouts, and more.

Ooty Shopify one product store theme is beautifully designed and looks classy. You can use it to sell your exclusive food products, such as organic food, tea, coffee, dry fruits, spices, and homemade food items. It can also be used to feature gourmet recipes or for a celebrity chef’s website. (Here are some more awesome Organic Food Shopify Themes)

7. Matley – Headphone & Electronics Store Shopify Theme

Matley Headphone & Electronics Store Shopify Theme

Do you want a chic theme for your young and trendy customers? Then check out Matley. It has crisp layouts, brilliant special effects, and a modern design. It is a versatile Shopify theme that can fit any single product website. It is packed with advanced Shopify features. This Shopify one-product store theme gives you plenty of ways to showcase your exclusive products in an attention-grabbing way.

You can use Matley for any single-page Shopify store, including electronics, smart gadgets, music stores, fashion stores, beauty products, footwear, cosmetics, bags, and watches. It is an excellent theme designed to put the focus on your products. (If you want more variety, here are some more superb Multipurpose Shopify Themes)

How to choose the best Shopify themes for single product websites

We know that choosing a good theme for your Shopify store can be a tricky business. After all, a theme is more than just a website’s skin. A good theme can see your eCommerce business zooming into success.

A bad theme can clip its wings. So be very careful while choosing the Shopify theme for single product stores.

Make sure it has all the design elements and features you need. The themes mentioned above, for example, are packed with advanced Shopify features. And they come with the quality assurance of clean coding by reputed theme developers.

These are the important things to consider on choosing the best Shopify themes for Single product websites.

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