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11 Best Shopify Food Themes for Delicious Online Stores

Best Food Store Shopify Themes

Are you looking for the best Shopify food themes for online food stores? Then, you are at the right place.

Building an online store for food and drink is challenging, it’s time to choose the best Food Shopify themes, and you can also pick free flyer templates. In this blog post, we are listing the best Shopify Food Themes for e-commerce stores that are power-packed to bring sales.

Other than attractive designs, these themes carry many advanced features necessary for creating a robust online food store that has the best UI/UX. These are all top-quality themes coded by reputed theme developers optimized for search engines and speed.

So, without more ado, let’s move ahead and introduce you to our list of the best Shopify food themes for eCommerce stores.

If you want to see the best Shopify food themes for delicious online stores in a video, watch it below.

Continue reading on the best shopify food themes for delicious online stores then read it down.

Best Shopify Food Themes for Online Stores

1. Groca – Grocery, Supermarket Shopify Theme

Groca Grocery, Supermarket Shopify Theme

Groca is a grocery store Shopify theme exclusively designed for supermarkets and online grocery stores. The demo has vibrant colors, unique icon styles, animations, hover, and parallax effects. 

Grocery store website design has never been easier. You can customize the page layouts with Drag and Drop blocks, sliders, and carousels. The sliders have multiple options to change elements as your needs.

Top features:

  • Slick Slider, Product Featured Slider
  • Product Carousel & Sale Labels
  • 5 styles of Mega Menu
  • Advanced Search
  • Blog and Testimonial sections

Rating: 5/5

Customer Review: 

Good theme. Yet to configure it. Customer support is very quick in responding. Provided a lot of suggestions for product imaging and other images for the eCommerce site. – by bezohminds

2. Organic Food Shopify Theme

Organic Food Shopify Theme

One of the neatly designed Shopify food themes uses earthy tones to express the wholesome goodness of natural foods. Easily create a unique web design for your organic food store with several new and unique elements of this theme.

The customizable mega menu is one of the top attractions of this theme. The amazing pop-ups, three different header styles, powerful admin panels, AJAX product filters, and AJAX cart are the distinctive features of this theme.

Top features:

  • 5 styles of Mega Menu, 3 types of Header
  • Ajax Sidebar Filters, Ajax Cart, Ajax Load More Products
  • Drag and Drop Homepage Blocks
  • Pop-up Quick View
  • Product Grid and List Mode

Rating: Nil

Customer Review: Nil

3. Naturecircle – Organic Food Shopify Theme

Naturecircle Fresh Organic Food Store Shopify Theme

Naturecircle is a multipurpose Shopify food theme with multiple food website templates. All these demos appear to be classy and polished. The predefined homepage styles has seven impressive demos and has extra demos for christmas and RTL layouts.

This is a dropshipping ready theme to sell different food products and organic products. Use the mega menu with images to show your offers and best-selling products. The quick view option, mini cart, and single product view helps for faster shopping experience.

Top Features:

  • Dropshipping-ready, compatible with Oberlo and AliExpress
  • Multilingual, RTL Demo Included
  • Drag and Drop Builder
  • Products Slider Section
  • Category Tabs Section

Rating: Nil

Customer Review: Great theme, 5 + Support.

4. Veggie – Shopify Multipurpose Responsive Food Theme

Veggie Shopify Multipurpose Responsive Theme

Here’s another powerful Shopify Theme with a versatile food website design. Veggie Food Store Shopify theme has a variety of food web templates. All these pre-made food website demos use beautiful colors and look polished and professional.

This eCommerce food theme also has unique icons and stylish sections to help you give your Shopify grocery store or online organic food store a unique design.

Veggie gives you powerful features such as Category Tabs, Mega Menu with image and label support, attractive promotional banners, brand logos, and a stylish blog section.

Veggie Shopify Grocery Theme is also available in the Opencart version.

Top features:

  • Food Shopify Theme for food and drink eCommerce business
  • Stylish food website templates with pre-made Homepage, Shop Page, Product Page, etc
  • Mega Menu supports images and labels such as New and Hot
  • Product Filters
  • Services
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Ajax Cart, Wishlist, Product Compare
  • Product Image Zoom, Product Rollover

5. Aarogya | Healthcare Nutrition and Wellness Shopify Theme

Aarogya Healthcare Nutrition and Wellness Shopify Theme

Aarogya is different from the Food Shopify Themes mentioned above. It is an excellent Shopify theme for creating a Shopify food store. It can help you create the best food website design for your food and drink eCommerce business.

The unique quality of this food Store Shopify theme is that you can also use it for health and wellness eCommerce websites and food and nutrition blogs.

It can help you feature healthy recipes, healthy food tips, and exercise tips. You can also use Aarogya to create eCommerce websites for dieticians, food experts, yoga gurus, wellness experts, food supplements, etc.

Aarogya Shopify theme uses pleasant shades of green to exude a sense of Nature’s freshness. It can give you a food web design that is pleasant and packed with advanced features.

Top features:

  • Powerful Food Shopify Theme for food and drink eCommerce business
  • Pleasant food website templates with attractive colors, icons, and typography
  • Pricing Package Tables
  • Animations and Parallax effects
  • Embed video on the Homepage
  • Online Appointment Booking
  • Teams Sections
  • Stylish templates for organic food blogs 

6. Grocery Store – Vegetable, Organic & Supermarket Responsive Shop

Grocery Store - Vegetable , Organic & Supermarket Responsive Shopify Theme

Grocery Store is another vibrant and colourful food Store Shopify theme to help you create the best food website design for your eCommerce store. This theme gives you multiple Homepage demos suitable for Shopify supermarket stores, Shopify grocery stores, organic food stores, etc.

The features of the Food Grocery Store Shopify Theme include 360 Degree Product View, Group Product View, Multilingual Translate Features, Inventory Bar, etc. It also comes packed with many premium apps.  

Top features:

  • Grocery Store Shopify Theme with colorful food eCommerce website templates
  • Multilingual translate features, multi-currency
  • Advanced Add to Cart Button
  • Cart Upsell Pop-up
  • Insta Feed
  • Catalog Mode
  • Many Product Filters
  • Multiple predefined styles for Product Page and Shop Page
  • Live Search

7. Gopher | Grocery Store Shopify Theme

Gopher Grocery Store Shopify Theme

Gopher is an amazing Grocery food Store Shopify Theme with advanced features and flexible design for food related websites.

It is a sectioned Shopify theme giving you full freedom to adapt it as you wish. You can use Drag and Drop sections, sliders, carousels, tabs, icons, etc. to create the best Shopify food stores.

Check out its demo, and you will see how wonderfully flexible it is.

Gopher food Shopify theme gives you unlimited product grid styles and category layouts with/without sidebars.

You also get tailored Quick View, integrated Search options, and multiple feature-rich add-ons such as Elevate Zoom, Shopify Reviews App, and OWL Carousel.

Top features:

  • Shopify Food Store Theme for best food website design
  • Slick Slider, Product Featured Slider
  • Icons, Category Tabs, Categories in Sidebar
  • Add a promotional banner in the Header
  • Multiple Mega Menu styles with image support
  • Multilingual, multi-currency
  • Ajax Cart, Filters, Wishlist

8. Foodly – One-Stop Food Shopify Theme

Foodly One Stop Food Shopify Theme

Foodly Shopify Theme is a popular theme. The Foodly Theme has a nature-inspired design.

It looks clean, uses subtle visual effects, and can showcase big, bold images with elegance. This powerful Shopify Grocery Store Theme can work well for any food and drink eCommerce business website. You can use it to sell fruits, vegetables, juices, snack items, chocolates, healthy snack solutions, and more.

The highlight of the Foodly Shopify Theme is that it is easy to use and customize. The theme includes a basic pack of relevant images.

Top features:

  • Popular Food Ecommerce Theme with versatile food website templates
  • Unique gift card option
  • Notification Button with Promo/Discount Message
  • Supports recipe articles
  • 3 styles of Mega Menu
  • Social Mobile Sticky Header

9. Marios – Food Store Shopify Theme

Marios Food Store Shopify Theme

If you are searching for a Shopify theme with a robust restaurant website design or food delivery website template, then Marios is the theme for you. Marios food Shopify theme is a uniquely designed Food Store Shopify Theme for restaurants, café, teashops, pizza shops, fast-food restaurants, barbeques, etc.

Marios Shopify themes use bright and bold colors to make your restaurant website templates look spicy and appetizing. You can customize this Shopify theme as you wish to create a unique web design. Its advanced features include Category Tabs, Featured Collections, and the Open Deals sticky button.

Top features:

  • Shopify Restaurant Theme with attractive restaurant website design
  • Sort of food items as Featured, Best Selling, Alphabetically, etc.
  • Ajax Cart, Wishlist, Filters
  • Category Tabs
  • Slick Slider, Product Featured Slider
  • Mega Menu
  • Product Owl Carousel
  • Promotional Banners, Sticky Button
  • Blog and Testimonial section
  • Brand logos

10. Cake Shop – Cafe Shopify Theme

Cake Shop Shopify Theme

We can’t complete the list of food themes without mentioning a Bakery Shopify Theme for eCommerce stores selling cakes, pastries, muffins, cupcakes, etc. So, here’s the Cake Shop Shopify Theme for you. It is a delicious theme with attractive colors, images, and icons.

It is a cute food store Shopify Theme, which you can use for selling any product that kids love. Besides the bakery products, you can also use this theme for e-stores selling ice creams, candies, kids’ party items, toys, children’s books, etc.

The Cake Shop theme can also work well for eCommerce stores of playschools, kindergartens, art schools, summer camps, etc.

Top features:

  • Cute Shopify Theme with a delicious cake website template
  • Powerful Admin Panel and advanced customization controls
  • Attractive Mega Menu styles with images
  • Stylish Category Page and Shop Pages
  • Unique Blog Page for food bloggers
  • Contact Page with Google Maps
  • Beautiful Newsletter Subscription Pop-up
  • Filterable Shop Page
  • Ajax Cart, Filters, Wishlist
  • Variant Images and Color Swatches

Best Food Store Shopify Themes: Wrap Up

Food and drink eCommerce websites can be as diverse as food items. They need an appropriate food website template to be successful.

A Cake Shop Shopify Theme cannot work well for a grocery Shopify store. Similarly, a Grocery Shopify Theme will not be very useful for a bakery eCommerce website. That is why it is essential to use the theme that’s best suited for your food store’s niche.

Also Read:

We hope you found the best food Shopify theme for your store from the themes listed in these articles.

You can select any of these Shopify Food Themes without any hesitation.

These are robust themes created by expert developers. They come with the backing of dedicated support. And they are all packed with advanced features and customizable visual elements.

These best food store Shopify themes also come with blog modules, social network integration, and stylish newsletter subscription pop-up. So, whichever food web template you pick from these themes, can help you create the best Shopify food stores. You don’t even need any coding or scripting knowledge for it!


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