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About Speech Time Calculator

A free text to Speech Time Calculator tool to calculate speaking time, i.e., reading aloud a text or giving a speech. Use this tool to calculate speech time for voice-overs, videos, articles, blogs, presentations, podcasting, and more. 

Just copy and paste your content into the text box provided. You can also directly type into the box. The tool will calculate speech time and display it right away.

What is Speech Time?

The rate at which a person speaks (understandably) is called speech time. On average, a person speaks 100 – 130 words per minute. This varies greatly depending upon the person, the language, the mood, and the purpose of the speech.

How does the Speech Time Calculator Tool Calculate Reading Time?

Taking into consideration that the average speech time for a person is 130 Words per minute, the tool divides the words that you enter into it by the average speaking time.

Let’s say you copy-paste 500 words of text into the speech time calculator; the tool will divide the word count by the average speech time and multiply it by 60 (seconds) to calculate the speech time.

How Important is it to Calculate Speech Time?

Not just a professional speech writer, but anybody, especially any leader who wants to convey their ideas to a team, should calculate speech time and know their speaking rate. Your speaking rate is directly related to the power of expression since it determines the clarity of your speech.

You should be aware not to speak too fast or too slow so that it is easier for the audience to understand and it doesn’t get boring. The type of speech also matters to calculate speech time. The time for speaking while reading from a paper is a different form than an impromptu speech. It’s a fact that great readers increase and decrease their speed rate to engage and emphasize their speech, making it great.

Does this Speech Time Calculator Store any of Your Data?

No, the text to speech time calculator tool does not store any of your data. The text you paste or type in the tool is used only to calculate speech time. It will not be uploaded to any server, and the information about the text is not recorded anywhere.

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