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About Reading Time Calculator

A free Reading Time Calculator tool to calculate reading time. Use this tool to calculate read time for articles, blogs, voice-overs, presentations, video content, podcasting, and more. 

All you have to do is copy and paste your content into the text box provided. The tool will calculate reading time and display it right away by converting the words to time.


What is Read Time?

The read time is calculated based on the average speed of an adult reading a passage of words in a minute. According to studies, the average reading speed is calculated to be 238 Words per minute (WPM). 

In other words, it takes approximately 2 minutes to read a page – usually, a page has 500 words.

How does the Reading Time Calculator Tool Calculate Reading Time?

Taking into consideration that the average reading speed for a person is 238 Words per minute, the tool divides the words that you feed by the average reading time.

For example, if you copy-paste 500 words of text into the reading time calculator, the tool will divide the word count by the average reading speed and multiply it by 60 (seconds) to calculate the reading time.

That is 500 (÷) 238 = 2. 10

Multiply the answer by 60.

2.10 (×) 60 = 126 seconds, which is 2 minutes and 6 seconds

Hence the calculated reading time for 500 words is 2 minutes and 6 seconds.

This is how you can calculate reading time. Yes, quite simple. Let’s see a few more examples of calculating reading time.

What is the Reading Time for 1000 words?

Using the same formula as above, 1000 (÷) 238 = 4.20 minutes. Then multiply – 4.20 (×) 60 = 252

Hence the Reading Time of 1000 words is 4 minutes and 12 seconds.

Similarly, the calculated reading time for different word counts is shown in the below table.

Number Of Words

Time Taken To Read

100 Words

25 seconds

250 Words

1 minute 3 seconds

300 Words

1 minute 16 seconds

400 Words

1 minute 41 seconds

500 Words

2 minutes 6 seconds

600 Words

2 minutes 31 seconds

750 Words

3 minutes 9 seconds

800 Words

3 minutes 22 seconds

1000 Words

4 minutes 12 seconds

1200 Words

5 minutes  3 seconds

1500 Words

6 minutes 18 seconds

2000 Words

8 minutes 24 seconds

2500 Words

10 minutes 30 seconds

3000 Words

12 minutes 36 seconds

5000 Words

21 minutes 1 second(s)

10000 Words

42 minutes 1 second(s)


Who Can Find this Reading Time Calculator Useful?

This read time calculator can be used by anyone who wants to calculate the reading time for their content. This tool is a go-to place for content writers, scriptwriters, bloggers, vloggers, educators, and students.

Does this Reading Time Calculator Store any of Your Data?

No, the reading time calculator tool does not store any of your data. The text you paste or type in the tool is used only to calculate reading time. It is not uploaded to any server and the information about the text is not recorded at any time.

Try the Reading Time Calculator today to convert words to minutes.