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Character counter tool

A character counter is a handy tool that helps to find a number of characters in the content. This character counter free online tool will be helpful in multiple areas to make your work easier.

There are times when you need to write or input only a specific number of characters. Mostly there will be a limit of characters on social media. 

For example, Twitter has a 280-character limit. Like this, every social media has a certain limit. Other than this, some character limit best practices are also available to engage it more.

So when you need to pre-plan your content or write the content with a certain character limit for the best practices, this character counter free online tool will be a perfect one to accompany you. 

You can also find the number of pages required for words with simple tool.

What is a character counter?

Character is each letter, number, punctuation, space, special characters, and symbols present in the text content. So finding the number of characters available in the particular text is the character counter.

How character counter Tool Works

The working method of the character counter is more simple than you think. To find out the number of characters, Just copy and paste or type the input text on the tool, then click the calculate button below it.

In a fraction of a second, it shows the number of characters present in that input text. It is an easy method to count the characters in the text, and you don’t need to count them manually.

Why is character counter important?

When it comes to online, you can commonly see the character limit in certain areas, especially if you are a social media content creator. Also, if you are writing any copies for product landing pages, you will have a character limit that can accommodate that design. 

These character limits are available on many other platforms for titles, descriptions, comments, application forms, Pinterest pins, Yelp reviews, and text messages. 

So this character counter will ensure you don’t exceed the character limit and achieve the minimum character limit.

Social media character limit

Here are some of the popular character limits used in different areas.

  • Google My Business has a 58 characters limit for titles and 1500 for posts, where only the first 100 are visible initially.
  • Twitter has a 280 characters limit for tweets. But 70 to 100 characters are considered the ideal length.
  • LinkedIn has a character limit of 120,000 characters on articles, but 3000 characters work fine on articles.
  • Instagram bio has 150 characters, and 2200 characters limit for captions.
  • Youtube has a 100-character limit for titles and 5000 characters limit for descriptions.
  • Facebook has 50 characters limit for usernames and 155 characters limit for page descriptions.

Like this, various regularly used tools and software have certain limitations of characters. So, on these occasions, the character counter tool will be highly useful.

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